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“Is this it?”

My amazon bestselling book, the smart woman's guide to finding work you love.
Shortlisted for the Business book awards.


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“Conversations to Help You Thrive”

In her podcast Ruth encourages her listeners to have difficult conversations with themselves and others so they can be happier and more abundant.


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“My business has transformed.

The bottom line difference is without question that I now have a consistent and reliable monthly income and two months in the last four have hit 5 figures in revenue. I’ve achieved this by working with her to really focus on not just what is going to make the difference but what I actually WANT to do in my business (because yes, shock horror, we are actually allowed to enjoy it!)… She challenges and supports you in equal measure and is invaluable to have in your corner.”

Jessica Killingley | Helps Entrepreneurs Write Bestselling Books

“My business looks completely different now to how it did just over a year ago when I started to work with Ruth.
I now have a successful podcast, an online membership club, 1:1 coaching clients, am getting paid to speak and am just about to launch my signature podcasting group programme.”

Lynsay Gould | Podcasting and Mindset Coach |

If you want a guaranteed return on your investment with a coach, work with Ruth.

In the three months, we have worked together on my coaching business, I have made over four times as much money as I invested in Ruth and her expertise, and have a consistent flow of one to one and group clients. Her combination of mindset work and taking action may not at first sound unique, but it really is: she holds you brilliantly accountable, she can be brutally honest and blunt (!), but what makes her truly unique is her generosity with her time, her mentoring skills and her wicked sense of humour.

She is ambitious for and excited by her clients and I adore her.”

Laura Oldfield | Coach | Power of Mum