Are you ready to scale? To grow your impact, income and clients AND to have more freedom and flexibility.

Next Mastermind starts January 2020

If you are a coach or consultant who has 1:1 clients and are looking to start or grow a 1: many offer this mastermind is for you (or to solidify a solid 1:1 offer)

Previous clients have:

  • Made £95K in 6 months
  • Made over £50k in Q2 2019
  • Secured consistent 5 figure months
  • Launched memberships giving them £25K recurring revenue
  • Launched and sold out group programs
  • Booked to speak at high profile events
  • Become the “go to” in their niche
  • Sold out events and retreats
  • Been featured in national press

This is a place for you to grow your business with support and it is unique in it’s form that you get genuine masterminding and face to face time included at all levels.

You can choose three levels of support (starts January 2020)


  • The activities prepare you for the mastermind so you can hit the ground running
  • A 1:1 call with me to map out the next six months


  • A private Facebook community where you get direct access to me and my team
  • Monthly training with guest experts to help you develop your business and mindset (these will be chosen according to the needs of the group)
  • Monthly hot seating in a maximum group size of 5 so you can work through any issues and get clear on the next steps
  • Weekly group calls so you can get support every step of the way
  • A resource library of training which you can access at any time


  • 2 x 2 day live events
  • Discount from my retreat

Investment £500 per month or £2500 INC VAT (extended payment plans available)


  • As above
  • PLUS 1 x 30 min call with me every month
  • Monthly group FB ads call with Christian Kudzi

Investment £750 per month or £4000 INC VAT (extended payment plans available)


  • As above
  • PLUS 1 additional 30 min calls with me
  • 2 x ½ day strategy sessions with me
  • 1 x 30 min call with Christian every month
  • An additional 1 day at each event
  • Free space on the retreat

Investment £1500 per month or £8000 INC VAT

Limited spaces are available by application only.

This is a 6-month program for up to 20 entrepreneurs

Case studies

Jessica Killingley, Helps entrepreneurs write bestselling books

Where you were in your business before you started working with Ruth?

When I first started working with Ruth I was almost drowning in too much strategy.
The problem was, that I wasn’t implementing any of it, or certainly not in an effective way. I felt really overwhelmed by all the things I felt I SHOULD be doing, and was in that cycle of constantly chasing down more and more info looking for the holy grail! I was starting to work with clients and feeling my way through what that looked like, but there was no consistency to any of it – least of all my revenue. I was operating from a place of feast and famine – confident one month when I made some money and then plunged back into insecurity when I had a couple of months in a row with no income. I was up for the challenge of trying new things and experimenting with what might resonate best with my audience, but I was definitely in need of a guiding hand, some really solid mindset support and someone to help me strip back and focus on what was really going to make the difference in my business.

Where you are now in your business?

After going through one 6 month round of her mastermind, my business has transformed.
The bottom line difference is without question that I now have a consistent and reliable monthly income and two months in the last four have hit 5 figures in revenue. I’ve achieved this by working with her to really focus on not just what is going to make the difference but what I actually WANT to do in my business (because yes, shock horror, we are actually allowed to enjoy it!). I have absolutely loved and thrived in the mastermind format – benefiting hugely from the 1:1 time with her as well as the community and support of the wider group. Having people on the journey makes a world of difference and Ruth creates a brilliant environment for that to flourish. The two-day intensives we do every quarter are game-changing. I now have much greater clarity about my offerings which means that I have a much better understanding of which strategies I need to implement. Frankly, I’ve cut out a lot of dicking about and so my effort takes me a lot further.

What is has been like working with Ruth?

It’s probably obvious by now that I bloody love Ruth.
On paper, her qualifications and experience are frighteningly impressive. But of course, the magic happens in person, because Ruth isn’t just skilled in business, coaching and mindset, she is also a hugely generous and caring person who takes the time to listen and understand what you and your business need as an individual. There are no cookie-cutter approaches with Ruth. She has never once forced me to do anything that I don’t feel aligned with, but at the same time, she won’t let you sit in your comfort zone. She challenges and supports you in equal measure and is invaluable to have in your corner.

And what you want for your business in 2019?

I’ve set some really ambitious goals for 2019, which were a bit scary at first. Scary, that is until I talked to Ruth about them and came away thinking ‘oh, I can TOTALLY do that’. I didn’t hesitate to sign up to another round of her mastermind because I know I can achieve big things this year, but I know that I can’t do them alone.

Lynsay Gould, podcasting and mindset coach

Where you were in your business before you started working with Ruth?

Before I started with Ruth I was working mainly with corporate clients and was struggling to really find my ‘thing’. I’d been coaching for 20 years and loved helping people to achieve their full potential so it felt right at the time to help people into new careers or move up the ladder. BUT it never truly felt like me. I wanted more but I was struggling to work it out.

Where you are now in your business?

This is a big question! My business looks completely different now to how it did just over a year ago when I started to work with Ruth.
I now have a successful podcast, an online membership club, 1:1 coaching clients, am getting paid to speak and am just about to launch my signature podcasting group programme. When I wrote that down just now I can’t believe that’s all been in one year!

What is has been like working with Ruth?

I can’t imagine working with a different business and mindset coach now! Ruth has the business that I’m striving for and working with her has been amazing!
Ruth is fun, impressive, unbelievably kind and generous and has become a great friend too. She’s full of integrity and genuinely cares about her clients and the results they get.
Ruth is a truly talented coach and mentor and manages to hold me to account and challenge myself to constantly grow along with a wicked sense of humour to boot!

And what you want for your business in 2019?

I have HUGE goals for 2019! Through working with Ruth I know that they’re all possible. Not in a wishy-washy ‘you can do anything’ kind of way. No! Ruth has helped me develop a very strategic and well thought out plan to get there!
I plan to help 100 entrepreneurs to start and grow their own podcasts this year (Ruth being one of them!) as well as grow my membership The Courageous Podcaster’s Club. I love helping people be the best they can be and choose courage instead of fear so another big goal of mine is to write my book on this subject too.