Growth Mastermind

If you are looking to grow your business AND your expertise this is the place for you.

Business growth is not only about strategy.

In this mastermind we look at your energy, mindset and expertise so that you can hit your financial and personal goals. 

This is for you if you are a coach who wants to:

  • Hit those big number months and get to multiple 6 / 7 figures in 2021
  • Build your expertise and skills so you are seen as the go-to in your niche
  • Grow a team who support you and allow you to thrive
  • Develop your mindset so that you are unstoppable 
  • Embody the success that you deserve 

This is your chance to step up and be the leader you want to be AND to get the financial success you desire. 

This is a BRAND new mastermind which combines all of the best things about my masterminds and takes it to the next level 

INVESTMENT £1K + VAT per month or £10K + VAT for the year (investment increases to £1.25K per month + VAT from 1st April 2021) 

Previous clients have ...

previous clients have ...

Hit multiple six figures

Had 20,30, 40 and 50K + launches 

Secured 5 figure VIP clients

Secured multiple 5 figure corporate contracts

Sold out events and retreats 

Been featured in national press

Launched and sold out group programs

Had HUGE mindset shifts and become unstoppable 

Felt in flow and energetically aligned with their businesses 

In 2020 I had phenomenal growth as a business owner (building on 3 years of multiple six figures) and had sales over £750K, in January 2021 we had sales of £250K and have hit 7 figures in sales in a year (7 figures in cash is coming soon!)  

PLUS my clients are getting exceptional results: consistent 20, 30, 40 and 50K months and bigger launches than ever before with mastermind clients experiencing growth in sales of 3,4, 5, 10 x over 6 months. 

In this mastermind I share the ingredients that worked for me as your mentor (energy, mindset, strategy and skills) AND we provide deep and transformational coaching to get you to the level you desire.

This is about your growth on your terms and we work with you as an individual. 

This BRAND new program is launching in March 2021 and is strictly by application only: we want to curate group of coaches who are committed to up levelling personally and in their business.

Investment is £1000 + VAT per month or £10,000 + VAT  for the year (this is for the first 10 founders – only 4 spots left) 


A 90 day strategy session and review to make sure you are clear on what you are doing and your priorities each quarter (you have 4 each year worth £4000 + VAT) 

Monthly mastermind days for hot seating support to work through where you are (worth £12,000 + VAT) 

Dedicated coaches (and calls) to support you with your copy / content, mindset and energy (worth £6000 + VAT) 

Group calls every fortnight so you can get support and accountability every step of the way (worth £12,000 + VAT) 

Monthly expert trainings focusing on your growth as a coach as well as business and personal growth (worth £6000 + VAT)


TOTAL VALUE: 40K + VAT currently 10K per year!

“I have worked with Ruth through the entire 2020; first as part of her Sales Accelerator Group Coaching Program and then in her Mastermind.

Prior to working with her my business model for my coaching business was 1:1. 

During my journey with Ruth, I have learned how to transition from 1:1 to 1 to many. I have launched my  Career Change & Re-invention Group Coaching Program (running for the 3rd time in a row now), have created my online course, and have launched my pop-up product. I have learned about sales funnels and to focus on my customer journey.

The group of fantastic women Ruth put together has been the ice on the cake. Relationships have been formed which will probably last forever.

It has been a game-changer experience which I would like to repeat again.

Thank you, Ruth. I appreciate your energy and inspiration.”

Berta Maso

“When I started working with Ruth I was having very inconsistent revenue months. I wasn’t clear on my messaging and who I wanted to help. I also hadn’t nailed my niche. Now I have a multiple 6-figure business doing work I love with the perfect clients. I run a successful podcast production agency, am the host of a top ranking podcast and helped hundreds of others to start and grow their own successful podcasts. 

Thinking of working with Ruth, honestly, just do it! The belief she has had in me when sometimes I didn’t believe it myself has been invaluable. She’s an extremely talented coach and mentor and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking to grow a business they’ll love.”

Lynsay Gould | Podcasting and Business Coach 

“As someone who has ambitious plans but not always the focus to pull them off I was looking for a place to be held accountable – and inspired. I’d met Ruth on a retreat and loved her straight talking, go getter attitude that was also full of fun. When I was looking for support to help grow my business she was the first person I turned to. I joined Ruth’s Mastermind as I loved the mixture of activity covered in it, and it was the perfect fit for me.

Ruth delivered again and again, first supporting me to launch a membership which had been ‘on my list’ for a year – and encouraging me to up my launch goals – which saw me double my original target, a theme which continued throughout! She guided me on putting systems in place which has built stronger foundations for my business, enabling us to grow substantially during the pandemic. I doubled my revenue targets as when she believed I could do it, I believed I could. Ruth is a coach who has been there done it, she has so much knowledge to share but what I’m most grateful for is her huge heart and passionate belief. She created a warm friendly supportive environment but also kicked our arses when needed! – just how it should be!”

Jo Swann

“The journey with Ruth on this Mastermind has been the biggest individual upleveller for me and my business to date.

Ruth has been instrumental in supporting me to hold my vision, build my business to multiple five figure months and helping me fly past six figures in my business!

She helped me see my strengths, keep my calm and really step into the leader that I was meant to be.

My results with Ruth have been none short of phenomenal and the space she holds is one of safety, love and growth. The women I have met on the journey have been a huge part of this too and this is a large amount to do with the women Ruth attracts. Ruth has helped me grow a business I love, that is full of light, is really taking off and I am so excited about what 2021 has in store.

I am now launching my own Mastermind, am fully booked with my 12 month mentorships for the next 6 months and have some new launches still to come! Ruth powers you along with her accountability and this has been a key factor in my achievements this year and I am so excited to keep working with her during 2021 and beyond.

I am so grateful for meeting Ruth and saying yes to investing in my future self as the minute I did, I made a huge energetic shift and have never felt so confident in my business and it's all thanks to Ruth.”

Suzie Cuthbertson | Business Mentor & Coach

“Before I started working with Ruth I was feeling confused about my business and if I’m honest, I wasn’t really enjoying the direction it seemed to be taking. I was feeling confused about what I was doing because it didn’t feel in line with what I really wanted. 

Working with Ruth made me really assess what it is that I do want. This meant stripping some things back, getting clear and committing to some professional development. I’m now well on my way to doing what I really want to do – and with that, I feel in alignment and that I’m really stepping into who I am. 

Working with Ruth was lovely. Ruth challenges you in the kindest way. She’s also quite magical because it seems that she knew me better than I knew myself. We met weekly for 6 months, which meant that I was supported whilst taking actions in my business. My mindset often reared it’s head and every time Ruth would spot this and coach me through. I’m in a much stronger place now because of Ruth’s coaching. Since working with Ruth, something came up for me which would have crushed me this time last year – but I’ve found that I’ve reacted completely differently, dealt with the issue and moved on swiftly – and I really put that down to the work I’ve done with Ruth. 

My business is still transforming whilst I continue to develop my skills. I’m really excited for the opportunities that are out there for me.  

Thank you Ruth – working with you was fabulous!”

Fay Blakey | Coach and Mentor

“Before I started working with Ruth I was a confident coach but had no idea how to build a business. I initially signed up to the Mastermind to learn how to go from 1:1 to 1:many but once inside the Mastermind, I realised that I was going to get so much more out of the experienced than I could have imagined. 

Working with Ruth and the Mastermind gave me so many opportunities for personal growth and learning about business from experienced female entrepreneurs. Not only did I learn how to structure, manage and build a business, more importantly, I learnt so much about myself and how to create a life and business based on what I want. 

Ruth an amazing coach and business woman and has a gift of bringing together incredible women. I absolutely loved working with the group. We laughed, cried, celebrated and supported each other through the challenges. I’ve definitely made friends for life and found so many inspiring role models.”

Louise Colbridge | Coach
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