Hi, I’m Ruth and my mission is to help my clients build businesses they love so they can feel fulfilled and have financial reward.

I grew up with the feeling around me of untapped potential, so many people around me weren’t stepping into their big dreams and I remember promising myself I wouldn’t do the same.

But, I did. I was scared of putting myself out there, scared of working in my business full time without a monthly salary …

I kept telling myself that people like me didn’t run businesses, I wasn’t an entrepreneur. Instead I worked my way up to senior leadership roles in 2 industries, I did what was expected rather than what I wanted.

7 years ago something in me changed, I was no longer looking to settle for mediocre and I knew that unless I started doing what I really wanted to do I would live a life with regret, a life I didn’t want to live.

I added to my existing coach training and spent my evenings and weekends coaching to get experience and in April 2016 I got my very first client as a coach. Since then I have transitioned to full time business coaching, written a best selling book, am closing in on 1 million in revenue and helped 1000s of others to follow their dreams.

So how did I get here?

When you look back you can connect the dots. Business and Psychology have been my passions since my teens and I knew that I wanted to combine them but didn’t know how. I first came to coaching when I was at university and learned about it as a leadership technique but went no further, 5 years later when I was managing teams and not getting results I went back to my text books and started using a coaching style which got results (and less resentment from my team!).

In September 2015 I made the commitment to myself to start my own coaching business, fast forward a year and I had my first clients, a social media profile and I was earning close to my corporate salary (with a baby in between). It took me nearly a year to find my feet properly a year with highs (clients every month, growth, speaking gigs, collaborations, blogs, travel) and lows (lack of confidence, tech, bad decisions, projects not working out, clients saying NO).

It seemed like a no-brainer, I was able to combine a successful career in recruitment and sales where I was often the top biller and regularly bought in over 6 figures in sales every month which over a decade of experience in education mainly in leadership positions where I developed coaching and mentoring programs internally and externally. I had over 1000 hours of coaching when I started and business experience but the learning curve was still very real!

I now have a successful business that gives me the flexibility to work when I want, freedom to earn good money, freedom to travel and freedom to do things on my terms. Plus more financial rewards than I could ever have hoped for (My business turned over more than 400K in 2019).

The turning point for me is when I realised that all of my skills and experience were SO relevant as an entrepreneur, my 15 years of leadership experience (and leadership coaching), my business knowledge, my sales experience AND my resilience.

I walked away from a 6 figure salary in my mid 20s as I felt that I was going to implode and then worked in some of the most challenging schools in the UK. I did this whilst suffering from severe PTSD and believe we can ALL overcome challenges.

I strongly believe there is no one way to be successful. I will help you decide what is right for you in terms of your business model and strategy and support you to get the results that you want by working through any mindset blocks. It isn’t always easy BUT it is incredibly rewarding.

Are you ready?


Career Change

I have had two previous successful careers, I started off in recruitment and sales helping set up offices in New York and Europe as well as building excellent sales skills. I then moved into Education spending over 10 years as a consultant and senior leader and completing a national leadership development program. I have taken all of my skills and experience from my previous careers into my business – something I encourage my clients to do.


Business Knowledge

I transitioned from confidence and career coaching to business coaching 1 year into my business as I am passionate about business – I have had multiple businesses in the past, studied Business up to postgraduate level AND spent over a decade teaching and mentoring people to build successful businesses. I am always thinking of how to do things differently and use my experience alongside my coaching skills to get you results.

I won’t teach you a formula or tell you to spend your life savings on Facebook ads. Instead we will work out what is best for you, your skills, strengths and clients. Business is personal and this is about you!



I have a masters in Psychology as well as qualifications and training in NLP, CBT, mindfulness, personality types and positive psychology so I can delve deep into your mindset and confidence and help you uncover those blocks, we look at your personality preferences and increase your self awareness so you can be more effective. I am adept at helping you to overcome mindset blocks and to take action which impacts on your business and life.



I am a qualified coach and have completed numerous qualifications including a PGCERT, small business diploma and personal performance diploma. I have over a decade experience in coaching in my previous career and transformed the performance of my team using coaching skills. I have close to that magical 10,000 coaching hours and am always striving to improve. I work with a specific mentor coach to develop my coaching skills and am working towards my MCC level with the ICF.



When I work with clients I will support them but I will also hold you accountable, I am straight talking and honest – this means you are more likely to get those results, if you don’t do the work I want to find out why. There is no point you investing your cash if you aren’t going to take action so it is my job to get you there.


Lifelong Learning

I have always worked with my own coaches and am currently part of a high-level mastermind as well as having one to one coaching support. I have worked with mentors and coaches throughout my life and am passionate about coaching and how transformational it is. Life and business are a journey and I am far from the finished article, I share what I know and strive to be better every single day ! Equally, I commit to CPD and am regularly updating my skills



I hit my business goals quickly and resigned by job to focus on it full time after 6 months. It now generates multiple 6 figures in revenue, has numerous income streams and has served 1000’s of women worldwide.

I have a second business focusing on training and train people in coaching skills and DISC personality profiling: this business has been going since November 2019 and already generates significant revenue every month.

I am now a best selling author, respected speaker, podcaster and well known coach and mentor. I walk the talk and share my expertise and experience.

Would we get on?

I love travelling and have lived all over the world (US, Ibiza, Australia & Malaysia) this year alone I have travelled to Los Angeles, Mallorca, Morocco, France and Denmark. I love travel although prefer it with my family nowadays!

I have two young daughters and they are a big part of my Why, I want them to see their mum building something meaningful and to grow up knowing you can be successful doing what you love.

I have always enjoyed exercise and love the gym and yoga, in previous years I have run the marathon and as a teen I used to compete in eventing at a national level.

I love reading for pleasure as well as self development and have written my first book (which is a best seller).

Friendships are important to me and I love catching up over a glass of prosecco or a cocktail.

I used to want to work in magazines and love reading fashion and features, now I am in those magazines I used to buy (this is a pinch me moment). 

In a former life I was a club PR in Ibiza, a door to door sales person in Australia and a scuba diving instructor in Malaysia. I have always taken up the challenge!

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