Hi, I’m Ruth and I'm on a mission to help people perform better in a way that also maximises their well-being.

After spending a decade in senior school leadership I made the transition to my own business in 2016: I'd been working hard and had been successful however I wanted more balance. 

I used my background in Psychology and Business (I have a BA in Psychology & Management, MA in Psychology & Education and PGCERT in Coaching Psychology) alongside coaching qualifications to set myself up as a coach.

I quickly established myself as a coach specialising in working with leaders and business owners, in 2019 I set up my own training academy.

Over the last four years I've built my own successful academy and learned lots of lessons along the way. 

Ive always been a top performer: first at school, then in my recruitment roles, then in education and now entrepreneurship however, at times, my well-being was impacted. 

I recognised with all my knowledge and experience I was best placed to support others with their own well-being and performance. 

Since 2016 I have run two businesses around my young family and have found added to my existing expertise with a PGCERT in coaching as well as becoming one of less than 100 Master Certified Coaches in the UK. 

I've also come dangerously close to burnout during this time: managing multiple businesses, having a young family and feeling responsible for paying lots of salaries put pressure on me to do more.

A TIA / Mini stroke in March 2023 was the wake up call I needed to implement all of the things I talk to my clients about. 

Now I work less hours and my well-being is higher, I made sure I got the right support and lean in to what I need. 

I embody the work I do with my clients. 

So how did I get here?

When you look back you can connect the dots:   Psychology have been my passions since my teens I first came to coaching when I was at university and learned about it as a leadership technique but went no further, 5 years later when I was managing teams and not getting results I went back to my text books and started using a coaching style which got results (and less resentment from my team!).

Throughout my adult life I've committed to my own development and have a Masters in Psychology and Education alongside a PGCERT in Coaching and many other qualifications. Since 2019 I've also been training coaches in the methods that I use with clients in my ICF accredited school Optimus Coach Academy which has a reputation for having a high quality training approach and has produced nearly 500 graduates. 

I'm the coach who immerses herself in knowing about how the brain works and positive psychology approaches to enable you to get amazing results and I've even written a best selling book about my work too (published through Wellbeck) 

My unique blend of leadership experience and entrepreneurship mean that I understand what it's like to have multiple completing pressures on you and how you can often fall into the trap of taking on responsibility for everything (and everyone) 

This means I have empathy and an understanding of the complexity of many of the challenges you can face when you wear multiple hats as well as the deep and evidence based skills to support you to perform more effectively yet work less (yes really!)

I walked away from a 6 figure salary in my mid 20s as I felt that I was going to implode and then worked in some of the most challenging schools in the UK as a senior leader. I did this whilst suffering from severe PTSD and believe we can ALL overcome challenges.

I strongly believe when we work with our brains we can all enhance our performance and know happiness can be one of the keys to success. This is about you re-writing who you are and need to be. 

Are you ready?



I've had three successful careers:  starting off in recruitment and sales helping set up offices in New York and Europe I know the pressure of a fast paced, sales environment.

I then moved into Education spending over 10 years as a consultant and senior leader and completing a national leadership development program learning about leading diverse teams in challenging circumstances. 

Now I'm a business owner and am in the top 1% turning over 7+ figures and having managed and lead hybrid and remote teams across multiple countries and overcome many challenges!



My clients get results: they transform how they think, feel and act through the work we do together. Many of them are leaders in their fields and see the work we do together as their secret weapon : I often end up working with partners and siblings as people value the changes that they've made to their thinking. 



I have a Masters in Psychology as well as qualifications and training in Positive Psychology, Neuroscience,  Mindfulness, Personality types, CBT, Nutrition, Energy work and NLP and have a deep understanding of the brain and how to support you to make lasting change through neuroplasticity. I know how to structure effective sessions and provide thinking space so you can make better decisions and solve problems more effectively 



I'm a master certified coach with the ICF and I train people in coaching: It's something I have had considerable (over 10,000) hours in and have worked across a range of contexts including as an internal coach. 

My high level of skill and experience mean I tailor what I do to meet your individual circumstances. 



When I work with clients I support and challenge you.  My role is to be your thinking partner and this means that you'll be doing deep work. You will be different at the end of our time together. 


Lifelong Learning

I've always worked with my own coaches and commit to my own development and learning having coaching supervision and mentoring to ensure I'm working ethically and professionally.

Life is a journey and I am far from the finished article I model a commitment to well-being and performance. 

Would we get on?

I love travelling and have lived all over the world (US, Ibiza, Australia & Malaysia) travel has slowed down post Covid although we spend a chunk of time in Ghana each year where my husbands family are from and are building a house to eventually split our time. 

I have two young daughters and they are a big part of my Why, I don't want them to be running the same “work hard” success blueprint that I used to. 

I have always enjoyed exercise and love the gym and yoga, in previous years I have run the marathon and as a teen I used to compete in eventing at a national level.

I love reading for pleasure as well as self development and have written two best selling books. 

Friendships are important to me and I love catching up over a glass of prosecco or a cocktail.

I used to want to work in magazines and love reading fashion and features, now I am in those magazines I used to buy (this is a pinch me moment). 

In a former life I was a club PR in Ibiza, a door to door sales person in Australia and a scuba diving instructor in Malaysia. I have always taken up the challenge!

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