You can’t build a financially successful business around your family..

January 26, 2019

Earlier today I read these exact words.

And, it made me take to the blog (something I haven’t done for a while).

Before I start I want to be clear. Can you build a business if your kids are at home (pre-school) and you don’t have childcare? I am sure you CAN but it would be incredibly hard. You would probably feel stretched, exhausted and it wouldn’t be sustainable.

However, you can build your business based around your family if you have support (childcare). When I started my business as a career and confidence coach I was pregnant and working full time with a toddler. I had a short break with my second daughter and 9 months into my business I was earning the same monthly salary I was as a deputy head teacher.

I was NOT doing anything to do with business coaching at the time I was doing career and leadership coaching. I hired babysitters when I had clients, had support from my family and I worked every night. BUT I did it. I am not going to give you a blueprint to do what I did (as you are not me) but if I can do it there is no reason why you can’t.

Over the last three years I have worked with clients who have done the same, they have built a business around their families – working anything from 2 days a week to 5 days around school time and they have been financially successful (earning the same or more than they did before).

How do people do it?

– They use skills they already have (or have recently trained in) to carve out their niche. I had been coaching for well over a decade when I started and have done a LOT of coach training. Other clients have used their work experience to create new businesses using their skills (e.g. HR director to HR consultant)

– They prioritise what is important and they focus on what they want to do. They are focused, I didn’t do any of the new mum things with my second baby but we had quality time together. I rarely saw friends for a year when I was building my business – but guess what they got it!

– They get the right support. This could include a coach or business mentor OR a great accountant OR a VA. They invest in what they need (when they can and when it is right for them)

– They work hard. I said it – successful people work smart but they also work hard. My clients who have done well might only work 20 hours a week BUT they make those hours count.

Remember if you want to do something you can do it and you can achieve it BUT you need to take ownership. When I had my first daughter in 2014 I started a couple of businesses – I had limited financial success because I preferred to spend my time hanging out with friends, I didn’t take it seriously AND I didn’t really want to do it.

Yes building a business around your family can be hard BUT you can do it. Go for it.

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