Why working on yourself should be your priority for 2017

How working on yourself brings you significant rewards and is the key to your success in 2017. 

Ruth Kudzi31

Last year I started to believe something I learnt over 20 years ago, you can control your thoughts. I am not talking Derren Brown style thought control more a way that you are able to feel more confident, empowered and positive every single day.

As we welcome 2017 I want to share with you some techniques that you can start using today to work on your mindset and confidence. 

The more books I read, courses I attend and people I meet I realise that there is a common theme.  When people are successful they spend time every day working on themselves. This is the big difference between people doing okay and people really smashing it – self belief, drive and self care.

You can take control of how you are feeling and make changes to your mindset that will enable you to be more successful. It will help you face your fears of failure (or success) and stop you procrastinating.

I know some of the protests that will be going through your head, “I have no time to work on myself I have kids and a job”or “I will start next week when I have finished x” or “this mindset stuff is a bit airy, fairy it isn't for me”

I know all about these protests as I had them too. I didn't believe that I could start up my own business. I woke up in the middle of the night anxious that I could never make the money we needed by working for myself. So I spent years thinking about it but not doing anything.

I don't want you to waste time like I did, I want you to start working on you now.  

The first thing that I advise you to do is to think about what you really want to achieve this year, I am not talking resolutions but something bigger. Start imagining that you have achieved this goal – it could be to start up your own business or to learn a new skill. Whatever it is spend some time imagining that you are already there and you have achieved it. The more that you can do this the closer you are to getting there as you are creating the blueprint of success in your brain.

Now think about what is stopping you from achieving this goal, spend the next 48 hours tracking your thoughts and when negative thoughts come into your head acknowledge what they are saying. We have a pretty limited internal dialogue so if you can identify the things that you are consistently saying to yourself you can start to change them. 

When you have identified the thoughts that are most common think about how these link to beliefs you hold about yourself. For example, if you keep saying to yourself I can't do this as I am too young / old / inexperienced or what if I fail these are limiting beliefs that you hold about yourself which you can change (sign up to my free confidence course to find out how).

The other way you can work on you is my giving yourself time every day to focus entirely on yourself. This could be in the morning or evening – whenever works for you. If you are struggling to think when you can create time do a time audit. Look at how you spend your time every single day and see where you can eek some time back – it could be watching less TV or spending less time on social media or simply going to bed earlier and getting up earlier. 

When you have found the time that works for you start building routines into your day. You can start small with daily journalling, linked to your goal and how you are getting on. I love including an element of gratitude journalling so I reflect on what I am grateful for every single day (this also helps create a positive mindset). 

Create affirmations which help you to develop new neural pathways in your brain. (if you are stuck for inspiration check out the Yes Mum's brilliant affirmation cards) Affirmations are positive statements that you state in the present that you repeat regularly (at least every day). Examples are “I am confident and empowered, people are drawn to me”. “I have enough money to meet all my needs”. Trust me, if you do these right they work.

When you are spending time on you, you are building up your self confidence and setting the foundations for business success. By nurturing and prioritising yourself you will not only be healthier and happier but you will be more productive.

I have seen the difference confidence and mindset work can have on my clients and myself, it really works. 

To sign up to my free 5 day confidence course click here: bit.ly/RKConfidenceCourse

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