Why the people you surround yourself with make ALL the difference

February 10, 2019

We have all heard how the people who we surround ourselves impact our mindset, confidence and success.

When you are with those who support you and build you up it is energising, your interactions make you feel good about yourself and you want more!

When you are with those who are less supportive or are negative you start to feel bad about yourself AND it has a huge impact on your wellbeing.

I see this on social media all the time and am becoming more mindful. Even when I post a story or a comment which starts off with a negative it impacts people's response. They don't read on as all the can do is fixate on the “thing” that happened. It happened again today, a post that was meant to inspire people to be original left some anxious.

So why are people becoming so sensitive? social media has become like a crazy pantomime with the “good” on one side and the “bad” on the other. And many of us are fuelling it without even realising.

Social media use can be linked to negative mental health, so what can we do? as someone who creates content and spends time on social media for my job I can ensure that my content has a positive message. This doesn't mean champagne, unicorns and star dust. It means sharing positive stories and creating spaces where people feel comfortable and safe.

As we spend more and more time on social media we need to be mindful of what we are feeding our brain. Looking at who we follow and what we believe to be true. We are all adults and we can make these choices ourselves (everyone's line in the sand is different).

The online space can be supportive, warm and genuine IF you seek out the right spaces and are mindful of the impact of your words.

For the last 3 years I have met 100's of men and women from all over the world and have lots of new friends, business associates and clients due to being online. It can be a GREAT place and for the most part it continues to be so.

My advice to you is to consider who you are following and the messages you choose to accept. These messages will impact your unconscious mind and can reinforce negative beliefs you already hold as well as making you feel fearful. You don't need this.

Of course, the people you surround yourself with both online and offline won't be perfect, they might sometimes say things that trigger you, you might upset them, you will always get things wrong. We all do. But seek out those who make you feel good, who put that smile on your face as well as those who challenge you.

We all need cheerleaders and we can find these both online and offline. I know that mine make my life a million times better as I am sure yours will too.

And, as content creators, group leaders, mentors, coaches and teachers lets be mindful of the way we speak.

Much love Ruth xx

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