Why I share my success


In an industry that is obsessed by money claims I played it small talking about money and success for a long time, I didn't want people to think I was a “show off” or I was only doing the job for the money.

I realised that this belief I had was a way of me playing small. Although money isn't my main driver part of the reason I work as hard as I do is that I want to have financial freedom and success.

There is nothing wrong with admitting this! we are conditioned to think that talking about money and success is vulgar, and, I agree bragging is BUT the odd feedback that I get telling me that it doesn't resonate with them is dwarfed by the positive feedback, emails and messages I get from women thanking me for sharing their story.

I don't share to brag, I share to allow women to see the possibilities. I have a 6 figure business that I built working part time, others can achieve the same (and women I work with have).

If we collectively share what is possible we are allowing our truth and our example to motivate and inspire others.

This is what motivates me.

I make it very clear when I talk about my success that I am not special, I don't have my husband supporting me or millions in the bank. I was a woman with a dream that used her skills and experience to build a business to help others. This is my truth.

The journey hasn't always been easy however I have made amazing connections and helped 100s of women achieve their dreams too.

Lets be clear, money claims are hard to substantiate, I have had to become VAT registered (from the 1st November 2017) as I am due to pass the threshold due to my UK sales. As someone who works primarily with private clients I wouldn't be charging an extra 20% unless I needed to for taxation reasons!

I do invest considerably in my business and my first year of accounts shows this clearly, the reason why? I was confident I would earn that money back. I wanted to learn from people who had done what I was doing and been successful. Finding out about successful habits and models was inspiring and sharing these with others is too..

I share my exact figures with some of my personal clients where it will help them because I believe in transparency and honesty. I have been asked to share with people I have never met and I don't do that, my personal clients have invested in me and they want to have financial success too so I invest in them too.

My posts and my message rarely talk about my lifestyle and after speaking to a selection of women this will change, why? because they told me they wanted to have an aspirational role model. They want to know about the fact I have a personal trainer and membership to a yoga studio, that I go on regular holidays and have beauty treatments. It is another way of saying what is possible.

If a middle aged, mediocre woman from South East London can build a successful six figure business so can you.

If you are triggered by it think why, you may be smarter, more highly skilled, more attractive, more qualified or better than me in any (or many) ways but if you are not taking action you won't achieve success.

I can hold you accountable and help you be successful (and I would love you to be more successful than me) but its up to you to show up and to want it…

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