Single at 35, what next?

Ruth Kudzi26

The story of how I met my husband  is pretty much a modern-day fairytale… Complete with me getting way too drunk at a wedding, convincing myself that I might die alone, and signing up to Plenty of Fish in a hungover daze of worry and regret.

A couple of years back, I was your typical independent career woman. 

I'd spent a load of time travelling the world, before working in the city and eventually moving into education, where I was on a fast track to becoming a Head teacher. 

Settling down and starting a family was always something that I thought might happen ‘one day', but it wasn't something that I had planned for anytime soon. 

Until one weekend four years ago, when I found myself as the only singleton at a wedding. 

I was surrounded by happy couples and new parents, and I had that daunting realisation that I was speeding towards my forties without having had the time to stop and take a breath. 

In true Bridget Jones style, I drank far too much wine that day and woke up with a crushing headache, and a commitment to myself to do something about it. 

So I went home, I set up a profile on Plenty of Fish, and I started weeding my way through the messages from potential suitors. 

To cut a long story short, I met my partner within a few months, and within a year, our first daughter was born.

You see, I'm a bit of a hippy at heart, and I believe that the universe is endlessly generous and has the power to give you exactly what you need and desire. 

But I also recognise that this doesn't happen by magic. 

I knew that sitting at home dreaming of a prince knocking down my front door and whisking me off into the sunset wasn't going to do me any favours.

I had spent 2 1/2 years mourning the end of a toxic relationship and realised that if I didn't do something differently I would stay slightly obsessing about someone who couldn't give two hoots about me!

I took action. I made things happen. And I created what I truly desired. 

If you're sitting on the fence with the idea of starting and growing your own business or finding the one, then this a gentle wake-up call for you. 

‘One day' will never come. 

You won't manifest more time with your family, the perfect man and the income you desire by just dreaming of it. 

But you absolutely CAN create those things by recognising that the time is now, that nothing will change if you don't take action, and that there is help and support available to you that will help you to bring your dreams into reality much quicker. 

For me and my dilemma as a singleton, that help and support happened to be in the form of an online dating site.

For you and your business idea or you and your personal life? 

That help and support could be me. 

I understand that being in your 30s and feeling a bit lost, empty and unfulfilled is like. I have bee there when all of my friends are coupled up and happy and I am going back to an empty flat. I have seen my confidence eroded as I feel a “failure” romantically. 

If you know that enough is enough, and that something has to give? Click here to schedule your FREE call. 

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