What is the Coaching Hub Membership?


The Coaching Hub is a place for people interested in coaching to come together, regardless of previous experience. Whether you’ve just started training, you’re an experienced coach, are accredited or not, it’s all about working together to become the best coach you can be, whilst building a sustainable business.

It follows three main touchpoints that are vital to coaching: Personal, Professional and Business Development.

Personal Development

Self-development is just as vital for the coach as it is for the client. We all want to be in a resilient frame of mind where we are capable of having the most positive impact we can. It is all about building that rock-solid self-belief system where we can truly go out there and help people, and sometimes we all need a bit of guidance with this.

The Coaching Hub is a place for coaches to really find themselves and flourish. With weekly group coaching and shared resources, you can become the person you need to be to have that successful business. 

Professional Development

I truly believe that after a coaching certification, everything doesn’t stop; we are all constantly learning and evolving. This is why The Coaching Hub is something I’m truly excited about – a place where I can give coaching tools and resources to those who want to do and be better.

The programme involves everything from introducing different coaching paradigms, such as neuroscience, positive psychology and personality profiles, to coaching clinics where you can practice facing those tricky dilemmas and build on your own skills. I’ve also included live coaching demonstrations – a place for others to see coaches in practice, to truly understand how it works.

Business Development

With a business, it’s important to define the business model that’s going to work for you. We all have different personalities – we have to work to our strengths. We must think about how we are going to get in front of the audience we desire, as well as who they are and where they can be found. For more tips read my blog – How to move forward in your coaching business.

When there is a clear customer journey, it is so much easier to create a business that represents who you are and what you love. This is why I make it a priority in The Coaching Hub to have valuable contact time, with 1 group coaching and 1 mentoring call every month. Accountability is truly the key.

For some, the prospect of joining a Coaching Hub Membership may be daunting, but here’s a short overview of what you receive on a weekly basis:

Monday – 90-minute implementation session – a group session where you can share what you’re doing and receive valuable support

Tuesday – Sharing resources – there is a new resource every month on either: personal, professional or business development

Wednesday – 90-minute call, either as group business coaching or mentoring, with the second Wednesday of every month resorting to an “accelerator day”, where you can work with guest experts to build your business

Thursday – Chance to win a 50 minute live coaching session with me!

Friday – A group wellbeing and mindset coaching call with one of our resident coaches, Elaine

Overall, there are 3 touch points with either me or my trained and qualified associate coaches each week and I think our similar core values but different coaching styles help to give a varied approach, whether that is my focus on business, mindset and energy, Donna’s focus on relationship and traditional life coaching, or Elaine’s wellbeing angle.

If this sounds like something up your street, prices are starting at £47 a month in November 2020. Click here to find more details.

I hope you’ll join me – I can’t wait to get started on our coaching journey!

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