What are you waiting for?


One of the most common things I hear people say is “I will wait until x to start” Often it is when their children will go to school, or it might be the start of a new month or year.

I am guilty too, for years my diet / new way of working / money management started on Monday. But when Monday rolled around the list was so long that I didn't really feel like doing all of those things so I generally carried on as normal.

When we wait until a certain date we are putting what we really want on hold, if I want to get fit and run a marathon I will start today not in a week or two weeks time because I have a date that I am aiming for.

I think when we say we will commit to our goals at a certain point in the future we are doing so out of fear, I have spoken to so many women who initially say they will wait to invest until they have clients but when you speak to them in more detail they are scared about putting themselves out there – a fear of failure or a fear of rejection so they are pressing pause. Often, these people become clients straightaway, or when they wait they reflect that it was about their fear in going for it that made them stall.

Starting a business can be a scary time and when you invest in coaching, mentoring or training early on it can feel huge not only from a financial point of view but from a psychological perspective. You are saying to yourself that you are going to do this and commit to doing it and have the receipt to prove it.

When you hear yourself saying “I will start in January, or next week” take a moment – what is making you pause? are you unclear about how this will help you? are you scared about what it will mean to you? or something else?

Start to question your decisions and your thoughts around time. By “putting things off” to a future date you are saying that they aren't a priority to you.

If they are a priority what are you going to start committing to now?

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