Wedding dress AWOL – Am I panicking or meditating?

Ruth Kudzi24

I am writing this 16 days before my big day. My wedding dress (which was meant to arrive 6 weeks before the day) is AWOL. In it's short life it has already racked up more airmiles than me and as far as I know is currently residing in NYC.

Am I annoyed? slightly? am I letting it ruin the preparations for my wedding or even my day? No!

As a coach I work with people to help them make sense of their thoughts and take action. I focus on my clients mindset and confidence and I encourage them to live in the moment. All of the work I have done on self development and on my self I am now practicing.

I haven't let the fact that my dress might not be here for the big day affect how I feel or my excitement levels. 

In fact, with the dress currently AWOL I have been focusing on myself and making sure that I am in the right mindset for the wedding so I can enjoy it. I have been exercising, meditating and meeting friends to make plans for the day.

I see the bigger picture and I know if my dress doesn't show I can find another one. It might not be the dress of my dreams but it doesn't matter, what matters is I am getting married to the man love with everyone I love around me. What matters is I am healthy and my children are healthy.

I never used to be this calm or this at peace with the world. I used to be renowned in my family for my temper. I used to live on caffeine, prosecco and not enough sleep. 

Seeing the way that I have reacted has shocked my mum – she couldn't believe I was so calm and this made me reflect on how much I have changed. I have spent much of the last four years studying – coaching, NLP, nutrition, mindfulness and psychology and I put it into practice. I know my triggers so if I am feeling that I am tired or snappy I go for a run or I meditate. 

I also understand that there is no point worrying about what I can't control. The amount of energy I used to expend on worrying about “what if” was ridiculous. 

As a business owner I have had so many knocks and one of my biggest strengths is resilience, when something happens I brush myself down and get on with it. I see this as the same. Life isn't always easy but it is how you deal with it that makes the difference. As I said to a client the other day having your own business isn't always “champagne and unicorns” but if you do something you love it is worth it. 

So, in just over two weeks I get married – will my dress be there? (the dress I spotted two weeks after my engagement and have always wanted) I hope so! but if it isn't the world will keep turning, my day will still be the happiest of my life and everything will be good but if you have a strange package lurking in your house which could be my dress please let me know #WeddingdressSOS  #FindRuthsWEddingDress

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