“After working with a few coaches, I was feeling a little perplexed by the state of the coaching industry. I couldn’t actually seem to find a coach that actually had the skills of a coach. Everyone was telling me what I ‘should’ be doing. As a trained mindset coach myself who had spent a lot of time and money studying, I wanted a coach that actually gave me alternative perspectives without telling me what to do. Coaching is far more powerful when done well.

Ruth is the most committed and supportive coach I have ever had.

Ruth didn’t feel like just my coach, she felt like a close friend who I could turn to when things were going incredibly well to celebrate with, or to share my challenges and crap days with.

No matter when I needed support Ruth was by my side.

Whereas some coaches spend 24 hours (if not more.) to reply to you, Ruth is there for you within minutes, the most amount of time (I think.) was only 1 hour.

Ruth looks after you, she really cares for you and your success. We started working together last July when I was running  3 businesses and a huge house renovation (living with my family at my parents). I was in despair from the sheer magnitude of pressure I was under, I couldn’t think straight, and Ruth helped me to regain clarity and focus and aligned action.

I honestly would not have achieved what I have in the last 7 months if it wasn’t for the support, friendship and knowledge that Ruth has given me! Ruth is a genuine person with love, kindness and generosity, and there are not many people in the world like her.

Ruth, you won’t get rid of me now! I am a raving fan! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are incredible, and I am so grateful to have found you! xxx”

Claire Sexton

“I have been working with Ruth for nearly 5 months and the way I look at my business has changed enormously. She has helped me develop a feeling of legitimacy when it comes to my business as well as increasing my confidence in my ability to make it a success.

She has helped reduce my fear around making decisions and then taking action.

She has also helped me understand how to tackle growth but at my pace and within the restrictions of the way my home life is set up. She’s helped me see into the future by focusing on the longer term goals – from where I want to be in 12 months time, to then how each quarter needs to look and what I want to achieve each month. I commit to planning what each week looks like in plenty of time to enable me to hit the ground running every Monday morning, that alone has had a huge impact.

I have had to put the work in though and it isn’t always easy, there were some big steps forward but some are slower. However, my pipeline has drastically increased over the time I have been working with Ruth and am confident that I am going to end 2018 strong and start 2019 with so much more happening in comparison to last year!

She has given me the tools to make sure I keep striving for those goals and focus on keeping the right mindset when I start to doubt myself.”

Catherine Roughan | Kidmore Recruitment

“If you want a guaranteed return on your investment with a coach, work with Ruth.

In the three months, we have worked together on my coaching business, I have made over four times as much money as I invested in Ruth and her expertise, and have a consistent flow of one to one and group clients. Her combination of mindset work and taking action may not at first sound unique, but it really is: she holds you brilliantly accountable, she can be brutally honest and blunt (!), but what makes her truly unique is her generosity with her time, her mentoring skills and her wicked sense of humour.

She is ambitious for and excited by her clients and I adore her.”

Laura Oldfield | Coach | Power of Mum

“When Ruth first started coaching me, I had signed up for 6 months of business coaching with her with just enough money in my fledgeling business for 1 month’s worth of coaching. Within 3 months of working with her, I had repaid my full investment entirely by expanding my business.

What I love about Ruth is her down to earth, practical and human approach to coaching, she understood exactly where I was – no experience of running a business, just an idea, some skills and a passion and has helped me nurture this at my pace and with exactly the support I need – she never makes me feel lesser for not having done this before or for asking what may be silly questions.

She really listens and not only has she helped me strategically thinking about how to develop and grow my business, she’s really helped me with my confidence and mindset; to really believe I can actually do this and has been a huge cheerleader for me – believing in me even when I didn’t believe it myself. I can wholeheartedly recommend Ruth.

Amanda Paradine | Coach 

“I have enjoyed the whole experience immensely, I have learnt so much and I am still trying to put it all together!  I joined Ruth’s programme feeling quite nervous as I only had a vision of how I wanted my life to be in a years time and a few ideas of how I could possibly make some money around my family life, I had no idea that it could be an actual tangible business.

Fast forward a few weeks and I have a business model, a business plan, a Facebook page, business email address, business cards, my first 121 coaching clients and meetings scheduled with top Universities to discuss potential collaborations.  I am also working on producing an online course to be launched end June.

I have spent years feeling stuck inside my own head and unable to get over myself and procrastinating on chasing my dreams & reaching my true potential.  All the work Ruth did with us around vision, goals, confidence & mindset at the beginning of the course has been literally life-changing for me.

Then there is all of the business knowledge, tips, tools and marketing information that I have learnt, I now know what an opt-in is, how to create one and why it is valuable, strategies for finding & building my audience, how to convert them into paying customers etc.  Not to mention the amazing and inspirational group of women that Ruth brought together in this group, the support within the group has been amazing and my accountability buddy Kate has been fab.

Key takeaways for me that I will continue doing;

  • journaling, amazing way of getting out of my head and writing down my millions of ideas to help get clarity – I will continue to do this.
  • re-frame the negative thoughts, remember how far I have come, what I have achieved and be kind to myself.
  • confidence is just an illusion, everyone has nerves, the more you do something the more confident you become – 5,4,3,2,1,JFDI
  • nothing is as hard as you think it is going to be, ask questions, be curious, network and find someone that knows the answer.
  • Believe in myself!!  I am unique, I am the point of difference, people will come to me for being authentically me and my unique set of skills.”

Sarah Atkins | Creative Coach

“I joined Ruth’s group coaching so that I had the accountability and support I needed to get going with a new business venture. 

It has been really great, Ruth is very attentive and even though you are in a group she gives very one on one attention to any issues or problems you are experiencing.  I’ve met some incredibly inspiring people in the group, and the support and encouragement have been amazing. 

I wouldn’t have the self-belief or tools that I now have to start my business without this experience! I highly recommend the programme to anyone teetering on the edge of starting like I was, but without the self-belief to take the leap!”

Liz Patient | Pilates Instructor 

“Ruth is a true master of online coaching and a living example of confidence being created through consistent action.

She not only knows the insides of how to create an effective strategy for an online coaching business but will also be there for you when it comes to ensuring that you have a strong mindset to back it up.

I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent being coached by Ruth and continue to appreciate her input into the development of my business as the time goes on. Thank you, Ruth!”

Aleksandra Szwiling | Mindset coach

“I began building my coaching business alongside my consulting business in 2017 with the aim of transitioning to a 50/50 model by the end of the year.

I had a couple of big challenges, the first was that my consulting work always took precedence as, quite simply, it generated more income and a girl has to pay the mortgage. The second was that I just didn’t really know where or how to start building a coaching business. I already had a few 1-1 clients through my network but to be successful and sustainable I needed to significantly grow my client base. I knew I had to build an online coaching offer, it’s the only way to truly scale in my view. Ruth was recommended to me by a friend, and as I was about to begin a demanding full-time consulting role, I knew I would need support to prevent coaching falling by the wayside. I love coaching and I wanted to hold onto my dream!
I signed up to Ruth’s signature programme, it felt like a big commitment but I was genuinely surprised by the enormous value I got from the programme. Working with Ruth 1-1 helped me focus in on my ideal client, get clear on my business goals and strategy including the exact steps I was going to take to get there. She helped me address those pesky limiting beliefs that were holding me back (not that I knew it, until Ruth challenged me on it) and supported me to develop a more focused, productive and positive mindset.
On top of that, the knowledge, short-cuts and 101 guides plus regular guest experts that I have been able to access through Ruth’s membership hub has been quite incredible. It would take hours to navigate and learn the latest on digital marketing, strategy, finance, brand and legal and here it all was at my fingertips, easily digestible and with a community of incredible, supportive women to ask the beginner questions to. I’m looking forward to working with Ruth throughout 2018 and seeing my business truly fly.
My only wish is that I’d found Ruth sooner!”

Caroline Rae | Career Coach | carolineraecoaching.com

“I joined the EE group programme as I was looking for a tribe of women in the same position as myself, starting/growing their businesses plus the motivation to get things moving as at the time I was at the start of my entrepreneur journey.

I got all that and more! The group calls have been so useful to help with the specific challenges or questions I was up against each week and I learnt so much from Ruth as well as the other women in my tribe. I have connected with useful suppliers and got great advice, built my confidence, been motivated to keep taking action each week and I am so happy with what I have achieved after 3 months.

My business is up and running, I have exceeded my objectives for the number of clients I am working with, I am clear and confident about the strategy for my business over the coming months. Most of all I believe in myself, my business and I’m so excited for the future of it!

If you’re debating whether to sign up I would say DO IT! You will not regret the investment because the value you get from the programme is priceless!”

Helen Workman | Empowering Women Coaching | helenworkmancoaching.com

“I started working with Ruth just before I launched my coaching business. I was feeling isolated, stressed and overwhelmed with all I had to do (I’d never had any experience running a business before).

I only wish I had found Ruth sooner! She has helped me understand what’s needed to set up and run a business, improve my confidence immensely and make some huge positive shifts to my mindset.

This work allowed me to set up much-needed structure in my business (and personal) objectives, finances and strategy, and led me to my biggest win so far: I doubled my goal and acquired 4 wonderful ideal clients within a few weeks – 100% conversion from discovery calls – without paying for any advertising.
With both her training and coaching, Ruth really offers everything that someone starting in a business would need, and I was so happy to finally shut out all the noise that had been confusing me about the ‘right’ way to set up a business and focus on what Ruth offered.
However, I would say that the biggest benefit from working with Ruth, and what I’m most grateful to her for, is how she’s helped me find my own way.
She’s supported me to believe in myself, feel confident in my decision-making and to create a business that is authentically me. I’m very excited to see how my business continues to develop with Ruth’s support over the next months.”

Kelly Campino Bradford | Coach | kellycampino.com

“I have had the greatest pleasure of working with Ruth since August this year.

I had very little direction with my Educational Toy and accessory business and felt completely stuck. Ruth gave me the clarity I needed by teaching me how to journal, plan and step up my focus.

Ruth set goals for me to reach in a given time frame which made me accountable for my own achievements. The thing is, I trusted Ruth’s advice and had a new found desire to drive my business forward!

I cannot recommend Ruth’s coaching service enough, she is brilliant.”

Kaye Wilson | Edge Ahead Toys | edgeahead.co.uk

“This programme has converted me to coaching.

When I first spoke with Ruth I was just starting to set up my business and was rather at sea, not really knowing what I needed to do. I was very sceptical and not at all convinced that coaching would help me. I came at it with an “it can’t hurt to have a chat” mindset. So, we had the chat and within minutes I liked and trusted Ruth and was sure she and her programme could help! And I was right. I have gone from a theoretical business to one with clients.

Ruth has helped me grow in self-belief and to navigate my way through a variety of blocks. She’s asked pertinent – and often challenging – questions and made suggestions about what might help me find my way.

I’m really not looking forward to the end of the programme as I have come to rely on Ruth and the lovely, safe and supportive community this programme has created. ”

Penelope Baker

“Ruth has really helped me crystallise why I started my business, something that’s pretty crucial right now as I am at the stage where the euphoria of setting up on my own has subsided and reality is starting to set in. She has also helped me structure and focus my decisionmaking, which has undoubtedly contributed to an increase in my client base.

She has definitely been a worthwhile investment. I am looking forward to my further sessions with Ruth and using her support and guidance to help continue to grow my business.”

Tanya Gaffon | Marketing Consultant | distinktiv.co.uk

“I started thinking about coaching as I felt I needed a change in my professional life; having to work full-time as an employee and care for a young family is very challenging.

I approached Ruth as I resonated the most with her. She had been in my position when she decided to work for herself and could see where I was coming from and how important being there for my children was for me.

Ruth helped me find my own potential and develop a clear focus on what I want my life to look like in the future. She was very supportive, understanding and non-judgemental and her approach helped me build up my own confidence and believe in myself.

I am now more positive about the capabilities I have as a person and about how things will turn out. I can’t wait to reach the point that I will look back at how all this started and feel grateful for finding Ruth to work with.”

Katerina Bollanou | Coach

“I joined Ruth’s programme to learn marketing strategies for attracting new clients, to refine my business model, get clear on what’s holding me back from getting new clients and to understand more about social media and how it can work for my coaching business.

I chose this programme specifically because I had got to know, like and trust Ruth over a period of time and loved her honest, supportive, genuine approach. Not to mention her generosity in sharing what works for her and being happy for you adapt it and make it your own. Ruth has a wealth of knowledge, qualifications, life experience and experts from various fields on tap, that she freely offers to the group.

During the programme, I have finally worked out who my dream client is, have a business model that is true to who I am and how I work; I am far more productive and have set working hours, so procrastinate less. My confidence has increased around technology and I faced my Mailchimp demon and created a landing page, opt-in and email automation! I’ve been thinking about it for longer than I care to mention and recently got on and did it in a couple of weeks. I feel so empowered and ready to break through the next demon – Facebook lives! Knowing I could ask questions in the group if I needed help was reassuring. I have been coaching for many years and now feel like it’s a business and not just something on the side.

It can be lonely being an entrepreneur and connecting with like-minded women in the group has solidified how important it is to be part of a support network and to share ideas, successes, wobbles, challenges and learn from others experiences. The weekly laser coaching calls and workbooks were invaluable and you have lifetime access to them. I loved having so many ‘touch points’ with Ruth and she always replied personally to questions and was very active in the group.

To anyone who is considering the programme I would say, take advantage of the 15min call with Ruth to explore if it’s right for you and if you connect with her and have a desire to start or grow your own business, then just go for it! You will learn SO much, connect with great women and have all the support and accountability you need to move you forward.”

Donna Edwards | Life Coach | yourfuturevision.co.uk

“Each individual session was genuinely invigorating. Ruth’s technique allowed me to formulate ideas and potential realistic options relating to forward steps with more clarity, and guided me through several difficult crossroads using increased personal insight – resulting in measured decision-making.

Approaching various components of life using a structured, sensible method allowed for more clear thinking about each topic, and agreeing to tackle the ‘homework’ each week helped improve my motivation and maintain my commitment.

Over the course of 6 sessions potentially major changes were made to certain (wide- ranging) aspects of my life which I had felt to be ‘stuck’ at for some time. I found Ruth to be a really effective ‘active listener’ – facilitating my own thinking without impressing her own opinion or judgement.

I have already sung Ruth’s praises highly, and intend to recommend working with her to friends in the near future.”


“I decided to have some coaching to help me direct my efforts not long after launching a new business. This job is a complete lifestyle change from my previous work in media and I was struggling with how to get a good work life balance with having two very young children, direct my efforts effectively in the times I had allocated to work, and ultimately make the business a success.

Coaching has given me great benefits. Ruth was my motivator, my sounding board, my visionary and my guide all at the same time. 

She listened to my frustrations and then gently guided me to redirect my thinking in a more focused way so I left each call with goals and paths to explore before we spoke again. She took account of my family situation and scheduled the calls to allow enough time for me to work on my actions while knowing a catch up was not far away.  It was great having an outside voice who wasn’t directly familiar with me or my type of business to give a different viewpoint from my long-suffering family!

The coaching has had a direct impact on my business, encouraging me to have the right mindset about it and focusing on the right things has led to me recently winning the “Top TinyTalk New Teacher” award for 2016/17 and I am thrilled! But the most important thing is my classes, having the right mindset about the ‘back end’ of my business has also helped me to focus on how to make my classes the best they can be and I continue to use the tools Ruth gave me to try and improve all the time. ”

Becca Wilson | Tiny Talk

“Investing in coaching with Ruth was the best decision I made.

I was completely lost; I knew I didn’t want to go back into teaching but this was looking like my only choice.  I was contemplating one other option but going around in circles thinking about what to do and worrying about investing time and money into a new business and it going wrong.

From the start of my coaching with Ruth, I felt calmer. She challenged me from the word go (in a good way!) and made me accountable, setting me targets and asking me to think in different ways.

I found the confidence to set up as a VA a few months later and I am loving every minute! I wouldn’t have done it without the coaching I had with Ruth.

She is genuinely passionate and cares about her clients and their outcomes. I will definitely invest in more coaching with Ruth when the time comes to aim for my next big career goal. Thank you so much for everything!”

Kate Johnson | Virtual Assistant | katejohnsonva.co.uk

“Working with Ruth has been fantastic for my self-confidence and my business development. 

She’s empathetic and understanding but also held me to account and encouraged me to find creative solutions to my problems, particularly around reaching my target customer and refining my niche. 

I’m in love with my business again and truly believe it will be a success, thank you so much, Ruth!”

Virginia King

“Through my work with Ruth I gained a new-found confidence in my abilities, I came away clearly aware of my priorities and what I needed to do to reach my goals. Ruth was encouraging and supportive throughout our work together, but also always challenged me to go further. Ruth is an attentive listener and asks the critical questions to help unblock yourself. I am still building my business based on insights from our work together.

A wonderful bonus of working with Ruth is that her heart is truly in it. She is authentically and fully vested in her client’s success.  She is beyond generous with her time, advice, materials, online videos. Our sessions finished months ago, yet she still checks in and last week I even received an inspiring book in the mail from her! How incredible is that!”

Mary Katherine | Ethical Business Owner

“I recently left corporate life and set my own consultancy business up changing the way that organisations work. Within my consultancy work, I coach leaders, managers and employees and I’ve previously had coaches myself, both in my corporate life and since setting my business up. I know how great coaching can be and personally I have really valued the support, motivation, self-awareness development and sound boarding that coaching provides.

I’d reached a point with my new business where I really needed to define my next steps, focus on where I wanted to go, what was important and make the time to achieve my plans against the demands of a busy consultancy and home life. It’s easy to just allow life to run along in its own direction but for me I needed to build my confidence in me as a business woman, to take greater control of the future and own it. I also needed some support, someone to talk to about my thoughts, ideas and feelings and who could help me develop those into an action plan I could deliver.

I consciously sought out a female coach who through her own experiences would have empathy with and an understanding of my life and its demands. I followed Ruth on social media for quite a while before I made contact and am so glad I did make contact.

Ruth has helped me define what I want to do and – importantly – why. She’s helped me develop my inner confidence, overcome some of my limiting beliefs and challenges and face up to some blind spots. I’ve always enjoyed developing my self-awareness and this has been an enlightening, empowering and energetic coaching experience.

Ruth has guided me through an intense period, keeping me focused on where I need to go but helping me accept and adjust when unexpected challenges and demands have arisen. I’ve have a positive mindset and Ruth has helped me develop that further but also has helped me work through my values and beliefs, which has been really interesting.

The biggest impact of working with Ruth is she has helped me feel a real sense of direction and purpose, helped me feel in control and reignite my motivation for success. Most of all she has helped me believe in me. I’m feeling more confident about my ability as a business woman – I’ve still got a way to go with my plan but I am achieving it and feel I am making progress.

My mindset is also greatly enhanced – I am more relaxed, have a new inner calm, greater self-confidence and I am determined to achieve my success goals.

I’ve really valued having Ruth walk alongside me on my coaching journey with her pragmatic, informed, honest, funny and warm style.”

Liese Lord | Liese Lord Consulting Limited

“I discovered Ruth Kudzi Coaching after spending too much time (around 5 years) and money on trying to ‘find myself’, I never did during this time as I now realise I needed 1:1 coaching to figure it all out. In October last year I felt pretty low with no purpose or direction and thought there was no other option for me but to return to full-time work to a job I didn’t enjoy and never seeing my children.

Early into my coaching sessions I realised with Ruth’s help and honest manner that I clearly lacked the confidence, tools and mindset to find and achieve the life which I truly wanted. Three months have now passed with Ruth guiding me through these tough issues and setting regular goals and I finally know what I want to do, the life I want to live and how I will achieve that over the next 12 months. I look forward to chatting with Ruth each session as she is so easy to talk to and really understands the struggles mums face.

Ruth has given me the tools to enable me to learn so much about myself and to move forward both confidently and with purpose and in a way that is sustainable rather than just a temporary fix. I have reviewed everything I do and ditched anything that is not helping me move in the direction I want, I can work during school hours and achieve anything else that is important to me. Best of all I have had the confidence to set-up my dream business. I have some way to go but during my time with Ruth alongside working on her fantastic business modules I have been able to plan and make this a definite reality for me. I can honestly say for the first time ever I truly feel like I have the life I have always wanted and I will be passing this knowledge on to my two girls. I would not of reached this point in my life without Ruth’s help. Thank you so much x”

Krissie Kitson

“I started working with Ruth in February 2017, having just returned to my IT role from maternity leave.

Although I enjoyed my job I felt ‘stuck’ between the security and regularity of the corporate culture and the desire to do something more flexible, making money for myself and doing something I loved – fitness and working with Mums.

Our initial sessions explored the things holding me back and I was surprised to learn I had an unusual money mindset, and fear of failure. When we de-constructed these blockers, I was able to see that I was holding myself back both personally and professionally.”

Fast forward 7 months and becoming aware of those inner challenges, I have now set up my own business, working around my children and surpassing my business plan expectations in the first 3 months. It has been a huge amount of work but I am thankful for the sessions with Ruth and truly believed without her coaching and business experience I would not have made the leap and been as confident in my own ability.

I also stopped procrastinating about my wedding and married my husband in August of this year. Ruth is a great coach, knowledgeable businesswoman and has a genuine interest in her clients.” 

Kathy Shawyer | Buzy Lizzy

“After 16 years working in four different roles for the same company, it was time for a change, so I resigned from my senior post and for the first time in my life I didn’t have another role to go to. Change is exciting but also scary and I made the decision to work with Ruth to help me focus on where I wanted to go next, what I wanted to achieve and how to go about it.

The sessions make you really think about what you are aiming to achieve. You answer the questions you put to the back of your mind, clarify your thinking and it motivates you to keep moving forward. Goals and objectives might change as you make progress but it is all in the right direction, supporting the change you want to make for your life/work/business.

When you suddenly stop working in a high-level role you can face a loss of confidence and a what should I being doing now mentality? For me, coaching has provided me with a fantastic channel to work on developing strategies to set up as an independent consultant whilst also being open to salaried roles. I have become more comfortable with the idea of flexible working and making sure that whichever direction my career moves in, it has to be interesting, challenging and exciting, but most of all allow for family life.”

“It’s always been my dream to have my own business and although I was always thinking of ideas, I could never find the motivation to convert my ideas into a reality.

I contacted Ruth for a free 30-minute call after seeing her Facebook ad pop up on my feed. After our first meeting, I was convinced that this was the assistance that I needed. I had the idea, but I needed to structure, to plan and learn how to make my idea a viable business. Ruth recognised my passion and excitement for my idea and helped me learn to believe in myself and my idea.

For me the fear of leaving the security of a well-paid job as well as the fear of failure were my primary stumbling blocks. Ruth taught me that it was ‘ok’ to be scared and achieving your dreams was possible with some hard work. The biggest change I made was to start taking care of myself and give myself the time to organise and gather my thoughts and goals. I’m now in the process of having my website built and am looking forward to an exciting future.

Thank you, Ruth, for helping me get my act together”

Salma Khan

“Ruth has been instrumental in helping me set up my business and take it (and me) through those first few daunting weeks.

I initially chose her for the solid business guidance that she could provide, but actually she very quickly identified some confidence issues that were slowing me down and worked with me to identify my goals and give me both the belief and knowledge that I needed to turn a basic idea into a real business.

Leaving my secure job of 13 years was never going to be easy, but each session with Ruth helped me focus my mindset and really gave me the drive and determination to turn my business idea into reality.”

Rupa Shah

“I joined the programme to get a better understanding of launching a new business and making it successful. I have learnt a massive amount of practical things (I now know what a sales funnel is for example!) but what has really made the difference to me, has been the weekly group coaching calls.

Speaking every week has made me accountable and has definitely pushed things forward quicker than if I had been doing this alone. Taking the course has been such a positive experience for me, and I would encourage anyone who is setting up their own business, or who might be in the future, to take it – trust me – you won’t regret it.

I have a background in TV production and am currently launching my new business as a TV and Media Coach; helping people navigate the freelance world, progress in their careers, and achieve a work/life balance in industries that are notoriously hard to do so.”

Louise Allmark-Kent | Media and TV Coach

“I joined this programme to build on my business and get a clearer idea about which direction I wanted to go.
I have been able to dig deeper about the how best I can serve my clients and also manage my time more effectively. I am working on my website structure and leads with greater clarity and understanding.

I have loved the range of topics covered as they are all important in working together to create a strong business foundation.

Ruth is very down to earth and real and this allows you to open up to the work of being authentic which is crucial in your business development. She is a strong coach and the group calls are very beneficial in getting to core issues and accountability. The weekly modules are also well laid out and structured, making them easy to follow but also challenging, in the right way!

I believe this course has truly helped me run my business more efficiently so that I can serve my clients in the best way possible, so I would recommend this to anyone wanting to establish or build on their small business, as you will get results.”

Penelope Blissenden | Healer & Life Coach | penelopeblissenden.com

“I must admit, I was a little bit skeptical about coaching. A couple of people had mentioned it to me though, and had found it enormously beneficial. So when Ruth got in touch, I thought ‘oh go on, I’ll give it a try’. Thank god I did.

There are no bones about it, Ruth is actually brilliant. (No, she hasn’t paid me to say that) Goodness knows how much I tossed and turned, changed my mind, debated unrealistic propositions, realistic growth, lost interest, gained momentum, made plans, dropped plans – I really felt that in those short few weeks that I ran the ultimate gamut of a start-up business owner. At every turn, Ruth was not only there, guiding me back to the important points, creating plans, setting goals and giving me structure when I was creatively all over the place, but also offered support – emotionally and pragmatically. At each meeting, after choosing the focus of your session, Ruth helps to keep you on track with your progress, and grow through the process. Her post-session emails are incredibly useful as a guide for the week, and I printed them off and sat them on the wall in front of my desk to remind me of the goals that week. Not all were always met – things change, and Ruth is fabulously non-judgemental and flexible; there’s no answering to anyone here, it’s about you, and your plan.

Importantly, she has that skill that is very special; she’s able to draw out ideas where you thought that you were at the end of the road. You know that blank space we all enter as entrepreneurs, as business owners, when the fatigue sets in and the ideas start to run dry? That is the point that Ruth is at her best. Because she encourages you to look in 4d, in the box, outside of the box, (no-where near the box, maybe), to find the answer. She helps nurture your instinct, and your love for your business – and for me, gave me a whole new perspective on The Motherload, a renewed vigour for our community at exactly the point I needed it.

Thank you Ruth. I’m a huge convert to coaching, and have since recommended it to many people – and will continue to do so. ”

Kate Dyson | CEO The Motherload | the-motherload.co.uk

“When I started working with Ruth I had just been made redundant whilst on maternity leave and didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do when I eventually went back to work.

Ruth helped me focus on my skills and passions enabling me to make a decision that I wouldn’t have been able to make on my own. She also made me realise that as a new mum ( and eventually a working mum) I needed to make time for myself… however small!!

I now have the drive to totally change my career and the confidence to ensure that I can do this! Thank you so much for the coaching, each session made me think about me and how I can change to make my life what I want for both myself and my family”

Nicola Davis

“I can warmly recommend Ruth’s coaching sessions to any start-up business owners, as well as to more established leaders. Her approach is friendly, encouraging and stimulating.

Ruth is particularly skilled in targeting the core of any issues preventing a business from blooming. She will guide you to analyse, reflect and find strategies of your own. What’s even more valuable, you will learn how to do this by yourself and become independent in your journey. Sense of achievement is probably the greatest reward for a business owner and an ideal basis to keep progressing.

I believe Ruth’s coaching is a gateway to achievement and progress.”

Arianna Wills | EOS Dance | eosdance.co.uk

“I can say hand on heart that working with Ruth has helped turned my hopes into reality. I am launching a freelance graphic design, illustration and production business.

Since working with Ruth I have gone from feeling overwhelmed and held back by fear of failure to successfully starting my business, feeling confident and most importantly finding paying clients! She has helped me; Recognize and resolve my irrational fears, Create a positive mindset, Find hidden depths of self-belief, Get organized and accountable, Structure my business plan, Plan my marketing and social media campaign and much more.

We have regular phone meetings that really help me structure my plans for successfully achieving my business milestones and maintaining positive mindset.”

Julie Thompson | Julies Graphics | juliesgraphics.co.uk

“When I started working with Ruth back in February, I had an idea for a business with a small and safe ambition. Thanks to Ruth’s coaching, I now have a bigger and bolder vision for my business, a plan for how to get there and the confidence that I will make it happen.

Ruth also helped me find a confidence and self-belief that I had lost over the past few years as a result of following a career path that wasn’t the right fit for me. I’m so glad I made the decision to invest in one to one coaching with Ruth as I know without a doubt that I wouldn’t be about to take the brave step of leave my current job and launching my business if I hadn’t.”

Sarah Tessier | Nourished Mother | sarahtessier.com

“Ruth is down-to-earth, warm and encouraging. Her mindset work has been a game-changer for me. Rather than telling you what to think, she gives you the tools and techniques to make a major shift to become happier, more confident and ultimately more successful.”

Gail Emerson | Social Media Consultant

“Having followed Ruth on Facebook for a few months and bought her Passive income course and Confidence course, I was determined to secure a winning place on the EE course by going all out on the Employee to Entrepreneur challenge. And I did get my place on the course!

There’s something about Ruth that really resonates with me. She is down to earth but very professional. She is not all woo, like some other coaches I’ve worked with. Her motto is Mindset + Strategy = Results, which is very much in line with how I like to work.

When I started the Employee to Entrepreneur course, I was a Stay At Home Mum with an online support group for women whose partners have Asperger’s Syndrome. I knew I wanted to grow this into a business but didn’t have the confidence or the knowledge of how to do this.

The course modules were very thorough and spending a few weeks at the beginning to do mindset work really helped to lay the foundations for my business. The subsequent weeks’ modules were more content based and again very thorough, and I am going through these workbooks as and when I get to each point in my business.

The main thing I appreciated about the Employee to Entrepreneur course was the weekly group call. Ruth pulls no punches! She comes right out and asks those difficult questions that you need to answer in order to overcome stumbling blocks, and in my case I had quite a few surrounding mindset and confidence.

She also is very good and getting you to commit to taking action each week and holds you accountable. The first couple of weeks I felt bad that I hadn’t followed through with my actions. I was slightly nervous that I’d get told off for not doing the work, but Ruth made it clear, it is all on me; she couldn’t do the work for me. I soon got into the flow and actually looked forward to my weekly “kick up the bum” from Ruth.

My confidence in myself and my abilities as a Life Coach have grown considerably. The turning point came when I was being very tentative about seeking clients, and I just remember Ruth’s words: “Why not?!”. I stepped out of my comfort zone, put myself out there and got 3 Discovery Calls booked that week! Since starting the EE course, I now feel I have a viable business. I’ve launched two online courses, 6 clients for coaching calls and am about to start working for a life coaching qualification.

I am definitely no longer an employee but an entrepreneur”

Amy Stammers | Mindset & Self-Care Coach | refillingyourcup.com

“When I first met Ruth, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had been going in circle, indecisive about my next career step, and had no idea how to move forward. After the initial call with Ruth, I was sold. I left the session feeling excited again about a future that I had felt stuck in for months, With Ruth’s help, I had laid out 4 possible career directions I was keen to explore.

After only two months working with Ruth, I have been able to rule out two out of four choices, and have decided to focus on setting up my own business. I have recently incorporated my own limited company, and I am making a fresh start for 2017!”

Colombine Gardair | Consultant

“Working with Ruth has transformed how I feel about my business, my abilities and what lies ahead for me. I feel energised, inspired, & motivated by all the possibilities that I am starting to turn into reality.

Before speaking with Ruth I had started to really question whether continuing with the art side of my business was viable and whether I had sufficient talent to truly succeed. Even after my introduction call with Ruth I had so much more clarity and felt really excited and inspired. I knew instantly that the decision to work with Ruth was an invaluable investment. It was the 1st step in taking myself and my business more seriously & committing to making it a success.

After each session since I have felt similarly inspired, reassured and have a clear set of tangible actions that I am excited to progress with. Ruth is professional, hugely knowledgable & inspiring, and perhaps most importantly for me she is incredibly warm and easy to relate to – probably because it was not so long ago that she was in a similar situation hence can really empathise!

I love the fact that working with Ruth has equipped me with a mix of invaluable tools – everything from mindset approaches to the more practical aspects like setting up my website and Instagram account. So thank you Ruth, and I feel excited about continuing to work with you and seeing what the future holds for me and my business. It has been an investment I have hugely benefitted from and feel very happy to have decided upon.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Ruth to other mums who are wanting to unlock their true potential and positively transform their attitude and business.”

Becca Wood | Artist

“Ruth has really helped me focus on the direction I want to take my business and steps that I can take to get there.

She’s given me a good kick up the backside in the nicest possible way to get on with it. And she’s helped me set myself a realistic timeframe with feasible goals as well as organise my time so that it’s achievable without me feeling overwhelmed.

I feel like I’ve laid some excellent groundwork to compete at the level I’m aiming at.”

Rachel Rimell | Photographer | rachelrimellphotography.co.uk