Stay in your Lane

With social media a constant in many of our lives, it is pretty much impossible not to compare ourselves with other people. The size of our house. The length of our hair. How many new outfits we can put together each week. Our performance at work. What our clients say about us. The reality is …

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Brand You

When you start a business it can be tempting to go with generic, we feel like we want to appeal to as many people and fear that our flaws will put people off – if they knew I was slightly sweary, not very good at paperwork, messy and loud would it put them off? Maybe …

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Why Trump Triumphed

When I logged into my facebook at 4am this morning I wasn’t overly surprised by what I saw. Like most people I know I am not a fan of Trump or what he stands for but I do understand why he triumphed. The reason Trump, who is sexist, racist, xenophobic, homophobic and blatantly a bit …

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