Why I rebranded to be a success coach

Ruth Kudzi29

The term coach is something that is used in so many contexts and the “coaching” industry is growing at an incredible rate. The reasons are extensive, coaching is a great way of helping people get unstuck and make changes to their lives, their careers, health and relationships. It works. 

However, in the UK coaching is currently an unregulated industry meaning that anyone can call themselves a coach. There are plenty of get rich schemes across the internet sharing their secrets on how you can make a 6 figure salary as a coach. I have even seen challenges which say “5 days to become a coach and earn a 6 figure salary”..

I was very conscious of this part of the industry when I became a coach. I was concerned that people wouldn't see my value as they wouldn't be able to differentiate what I was doing (and have been training to do for over 6 years) with what others were. This is why I started off as a business coach. 

However, as my experience has grown I have realised the term business coach is one of the most widely mis-used terms and I felt it no longer defined what I do. Although I predominantly work with mums who want to start up their own business it isn't the technical, business side that we focus on. The main focus is them, their confidence, mindset and accountability.

The small business coaching that I do often comes back to the person as well – it is their mindset and their blockers as well as their strategy that I can help with.

I want my clients to be successful and happy in all aspects of their life, not just their business and that is what I can help with.

There are millions of coaches in the industry and I felt that business coach was overused. Yes I will help you with your business, but I will also help you take action, increase your productivity, feel happier and more confident – things that are important in all areas of your life.

I am confident of my worth and know that having spent the last 6+ years studying coaching means that I can give my clients amazing value and I understand them more. The people who I want to work with are those that value self development and education and want a coach who is experienced and qualified who can relate to them. 

I don't believe that coaching is like rocket science and I do think that lots of people could be amazing at it – whatever their background, however I feel that to really serve your clients you need to have studied coaching. This is my personal opinion.

So I am happy with my rebrand – I am energised by my clients success and I love helping them with all aspects of their lives. 

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