Stay in your Lane

With social media a constant in many of our lives, it is pretty much impossible not to compare ourselves with other people.

The size of our house.

The length of our hair.

How many new outfits we can put together each week.

Our performance at work.

What our clients say about us.

The reality is however, it doesn’t matter what someone else is wearing, doing, eating or playing, there is only one you and you will do things your way.

I know that there are thousands of business coaches out there, but I also know that there is only one coach who works the way I do, and that is me.

I scroll through Facebook and see innovative courses and new books being launched, monthly turnovers being announced and new clients being secured. I am truly pleased for people who are making a success of their businesses and, even more importantly, helping their clients to make a better life for themselves.

However, I am confident that my business is working well and my clients are progressing in a way that works for them.

At the very heart of what I do, and what I love doing, is connecting with people, building relationships and bringing people together. I marry two decades in coaching with my business and teaching backgrounds, to create a very true brand – the Ruth Kudzi brand.

I am too busy creating something special for me, to look around and worry about what other people are doing.

Yes, I learn from, and am inspired by my peers, I have a coach to ensure I keep developing, and am part of a mastermind, but I don’t feel as if I am in the shadow of anyone else.

I am true and authentic to myself, and to those around me, and that is important.

Whether you are a coach, an author, a trainer, fashion stylist or nutritionist, you bring your own flavour to the table and that is why you cannot compare yourself to others.

We all have a reason for creating our businesses and that will influence the way you work, the profits you make and the clients you attract.

The reality is that you aren’t in a competition with anyone, expect maybe, yourself.

If you are feeling like you can’t stay in your lane, because you are too busy watching everyone else’s speed, here are some easy tips that I hope will help you get back on track.

Keep it real
Remember, social media is all about those ‘perfect’ moments that maybe don’t really exist. Yes, a client might be happy, but that won’t be every client. A coffee by the pool of a health club will look great on Insta, but is it the reality of everyday, no, probably not. Filter social media for what it is, let it inspire you, but don’t let it get you down.

Avoid triggers
Maybe it’s a peer who is super-competitive, a networking event you go to, a newsletter you receive, whatever the trigger is that gets you to question your worth, identify it and either put coping strategies in place, or unfollow and avoid, and the world will become a better place.

Write it down
Every time you get a win, write it down. Keep a journal, get a blackboard, put it on your website, just make sure you celebrate your wins. When something is written down in black and white it is a real affirmation, and if you do this, you will start to see the progress you are making and just how fantastic you are.

Comparison can be a good thing, however use what you find out to make yourself even better at what you do, rather than allowing it to undermine your confidence and performance.

Be you
There is only one you, so stand proud and do your stuff the way only you can!


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