Ruth Kudzi is a creative and talented public speaker who has over twenty years experience in speaking, presenting and running workshops.

Since she started her business in 2016 Ruth has spoken at UCL, Birkbeck, Goldsmiths, Allbright, Natwest, Blooming Founders, Mothers Meetings, General Assembly and lots of networking and smaller events.

Ruth has run her own events drawing audiences of up to 150.

She is passionate, energetic and straightforward in her approach and creates engaging workshops and talks on a number of topics including: emotional resilience, business strategy and start up, career change, leadership and the importance of mindset.

As a qualified teacher and former Deputy Head, Ruth has been a keynote speaker at national conferences and presented at numerous events focusing on school leadership and professional development, including Teach First, National College of School Leadership, AQA, Ambition School Leadership




Goldsmiths, University of London | The rise of female entrepreneurship

Allbright | Developing Emotional Resilience as a start up

UCL | How to stay productive in today’s work environment

Mothers Meetings | How to overcome overwhelm

Birkbeck, University of London | Taking ownership of your own career path

Wellbeing with Natwest | How to be in a good place personally and professionally

General Assembly | How to transfer your leadership skills from employee to entrepreneur

Blooms | Building a business based on your strengths

Ruth Kudzi YouTube Channel | Watch Here


“Ruth comes highly recommended as a speaker.
We invited Ruth to Birkbeck College to speak about taking ownership of your own career path with our Astrea network for women in professional service roles.
The topic fits well with Astrea’s aims to enable women to take full advantage of their opportunities. Ruth is a very engaging speaker. From the very beginning, she established a workshop-style quality, getting individuals to assess what was most important to them in their life and career, and encouraging them to vocalise it with others. But far from following a strictly rehearsed script, Ruth dealt with a range of questions from women about their particular concerns and was able to respond with helpful and practical suggestions.
She adapted her talk according to the changes in conversation to ensure everyone got the most benefit out of it. Everyone left the event with a written goal for their life or career and a time frame in which to achieve it and had made a promise to help one another to reach their goals.
The feedback I’ve had about Ruth’s talk has been incredibly positive because it was personalised to each individual – which is a great testament to her skill in delivering our most well-attended event of the year!”

Kayleigh Woods Harley | Birkbeck, University of London


Leadership – How to develop and leverage your leadership skills

Developing your personal and authentic voice 

Transitioning from your corporate job to being CEO of your own business

Resilience – Embedding a culture of resilience

Developing your resilience as an entrepreneur

Beyond the growth mindset – resilience in action

She also shares her personal story which includes how she overcome PTSD to build three successful careers