1:1 Mentoring and Coaching support

Who You Are …

You are a existing business owner who wants to add a certification to their business to increase impact and income. 

What You Are Looking For ...

What you are looking for

A step by step process to ensure that your certification meets all the criteria to become accredited 

A coach who is able to get to the core of what you want to deliver and support you with developing your curriculum and certification 

An educator who has a deep knowledge of how people learn and can support you to create the best environment for your business 

You’re looking for someone who has successfully built and scaled their own certification to support you to do the same 

How We Will Work Together…

We will focus on adding your certification to your existing business through:

  • Planning and design of the learning process
  • Creating a viable proposition and positioning in the marketplace 
  • Building your first round with support on delivery and feedback 
  • Working with you to get accredited 
  • Developing your plan to scale 

This could add a 6-7 figure income stream to your business which is scalable and sellable 

What I will provide ...

What I Will Provide

Practical support and training to take you step by step through the process that you need to go through to create your certification 

Focused support and guidance to ensure that your certification provides a rich learning experience and makes an impact for your clients 

Sales and marketing support so you can ensure you get the right people signed up 

Coaching, mentoring and training which is bespoke to you and your situation 

How would it feel to ...

Add a new 6-7 figure income stream in your business 

Build out a scalable certification program which enhances your credibility and client results

Be seen as the market leader in your industry 

Create a legacy business that will continue to operate independently of you 

Ready to get started?

Ready to step up and commit to the next level?

I would expect you to get a significant ROI (although I can not guarantee this) depending on your certification this would be in cohort 1 or cohort 2 

To apply you need to be an established business owner who has an idea for a certification program based on your expertise

This is not for you if you are new in business

12 months of support

This is the best way to get support so you are getting my eyes on your business for 12 moth s

The investment is substantial for these packages and spaces are strictly limited.

1  x half day intensive planning session 

Months 0-3; fortnightly training / mentoring / Q&A calls to work through your proposition and curriculum 

Months 3-6: Support in developing your offer, marketing, client onboarding and getting your first group running (fortnightly calls)

Months 6-9 : Fortnightly calls and support to work through feedback, adapt the curriculum, ensure student completion and engagement 

Months 9-12; Support to scale and program accreditation. Fortnightly calls to go through accreditation process and make a plan to scale. 

Voxer and email access

Access to templates, checklists and my exclusive blueprint to support your certification development, launch and scale 

6 months of support

This is for you if you have an existing certification 

1/2 day session curriculum, program and marketing review 

Fortnightly sessions to upgrade materials, program and launch a new round 

Private email and voxer access to me for questions that arise between sessions

Support to scale the program and the process 

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