One on One Coaching



For the woman who desires to build a Profitable Service-Based Business

Who You Are…

You are a determined and ambitious female entrepreneur, ready to start or scale your own successful business.
You’re poised and primed to build a thriving business doing work that fulfils you and utilizes your unique skills and talents.

What You Are Looking For…

A business coach that can provide practical business building strategies – designed for long-term success.
You’re looking for support with your strategy, confidence and mindset so that you take consistent action to develop a business which represents you and gives you fulfilment and flexibility.

How We Will Work Together…

We will focus on how to successfully attract and convert your dream clients and develop services which meet their needs and get them results.
We will also cover the additional steps that are needed to develop your profitable business further and take it to the next level.

What I Will Provide You…

Practical business support, alongside effective techniques on how to build confidence and create the right mindset for success.


How would it feel to?

  • Get crystal clear on what you want your life to look like (and make a plan to bring this vision into reality?)
  • Be totally honest about your desires for your life and business?
  • Be confident and believe in yourself with an unwavering faith?
  • Understand the steps that you need to take (and the order in which to take them) to move your business forward?
  • Spend more quality time with your family, even as you grow your business?
  • Wake up energised and passionate about your work?
  • Break down your fears and stop them from holding you back?
  • Attract your ideal clients with ease?
  • Learn how to create systems and support structures that work for you?
  • Enjoy free time when you choose, without having to ask a single soul for permission?


During our six months together, you’ll receive focused support and guidance that will help you develop the skills, confidence and resilience necessary for building the business and life of your dreams!



Gain clarity about your vision for your life and business.
Identify your core values and what drives you.
Create a clear list of your goals and what you want to achieve.
Identify your limiting beliefs and transform them so they stop holding you back.


Cultivate a positive mindset.
Develop your confidence through establishing new habits.
Identify and transform negative thoughts.
Gain clarity and challenge your limiting beliefs about money.


Create a clear brand that is authentic and desirable.
Gain clarity on your ideal clients and who you want to work with.
Create a clear marketing strategy to turn prospects into raving fans.
Use social media to grow your tribe and build a passionate community.


Create a balanced career and home life.
Enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle by building in time for recreation and relationships.
Develop routines that support you.
Use outsourcing to leverage your time.


My Signature One-to-One Coaching Program is bespoke to you and is completely tailored to your needs and desires.

I use a combination of techniques including mindset work, values elicitation, DISC personality profiling, normative coaching models and analytical and interpretative coaching approaches.

If all that sounds a little technical for you, it simply means that I am well-versed in a myriad of coaching techniques, and I am able to utilize the ones which will be most likely to help YOU achieve your desired results from the program.






Investment Excludes VAT at 20%

  • 12 x 45 min sessions to focus your attention and your action
  • Fortnightly catch-up phone call for those moments when you want clarity quickly
  • Private Email Access to me for questions that arise between sessions
  • Bespoke materials + resources to help accelerate your progress
  • DISC personality profile (this is the gold standard of personality profiles)


Plus the following bonus material

  • Free access to my group training modules (worth £1500)
  • Free marketing audit with Mr Kudzi, Digital Marketing Director (and my husband!)
  • Clients who pay in full receive a free 1/2 day intensive (worth £1500)

*Please note that payment plans incur interest 

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