Trusting your intuition


10. Trusting your intuition

In this episode, we’re talking about intuition or gut feelings.

I have a feeling…, I always knew…, I wish I had listened to my gut…,

It's something that we hear all the time, isn't it? By tapping into our intuition, we're able to tap into past behaviours and past patterns. So our intuition isn't anything otherworldly. It is really us recognising a pattern from the past.

Our brains are very, very complex. And to short cut all of the decision making that we have to make, we often rely on our intuition. Our intuition is all about our brain recognising unconsciously, even those tiny details.

Here are the highlights from today’s episode:

{1:15} What is intuition?

{2:35} How our intuition gives us clues

{5:05} The halo effect

{7:51} Building your intuition muscle

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