Thinking differently


44. Thinking differently

In a world where it can often feel like we live in an echo chamber, surrounding ourselves with people that think the same as ours, that echo our beliefs and our values, Coaching allows us to have space to really challenge how we think.

I've been reading a fantastic book by Adam Grant called Think Again over the last couple of weeks and what really struck me is that part of the way that we help people be successful through coaching, is that we get them to get out of their head and to examine what is going on with their thoughts and where these thoughts come from and how valid those thoughts are if they can look at things in a different way.

It's becoming increasingly important that we allow ourselves that space to really examine what is going on in our heads, because we can so easily go through life on autopilot, thinking that we are doing things in the way that we've always done them and not really knowing why.

Here are the highlights from this episode:

{2:21} Modelling the thinking of successful people

{3:18} Encouraging clients to look at different viewpoints

{6:26} How slowing down our thinking helps us to make better decisions

{8:45} Having the mindset of a scientist who looks to update their hypotheses constantly

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