The shiny object syndrome


13. The shiny object syndrome

In this episode, we’re talking all about shiny object syndrome (SOS), which is the tendency for someone to chase something new. Be it a new business idea, tool or goal, rather than to stay focused on what they’re doing. It mostly affects entrepreneurs because they tend to be highly motivated people.

How many times have you bought into something, a course, a program, because you feel that you need it, but then you haven't done it? How many times have you let FOMO really drive you? So shiny object syndrome means that you keep tapping into the next best thing.

Here are the highlights from today’s episode:

{0:49} The definition of SOS

{4:01} The importance of having the “basics” in place

{7:28} Questions to ask yourself

{9:22} Find what you are going to invest in next

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