The different coaching models


28. The different coaching models

In this episode, I talk about the different coaching models and modalities that you see and how they can be used in isolation or combination to get our clients results.

Last week we looked at pure coaching as a paradigm and today I am exploring different modalities that we can explore which are widely seen under the umbrella of coaching. From normative models such as GROW to relational coaching to transactional analysis to NLP to energy-based approaches to neuroscience, we uncover what these offer and the positive and negative elements of each approach.

This is about helping you to consider what approaches you are interested in (and remember my coach training offers a whole host of approaches to give you that diversity of experience).

Here are the highlights from today’s episode:

{2:16} The normative models

{3:26} The relational coaching

{5:12} Transactional analysis

{6:17} NPL based approaches

{8:29} Understand your expertise and combine different approaches

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