The dark side of the online coaching industry


30. The dark side of the online coaching industry

If you went online you would think that the reason people became coaches was to have a superyacht, travel to 5-star destinations and rake in the cash!

As the industry is unregulated anyone can say they are a coach: and many do without even picking up a book on coaching! Or they have done some online training which gives them a foundation without going deeper.

The issue I see here is that we are working with people and especially if we are moving into the mindset space, there is a lack of understanding about how the brain works and how to identify when people need additional support.

Impact over income and clients over cash are two sayings that are important here: when we centre our business around client outcomes and delivering we are building a sustainable business without the obsession with being insta famous!

I would love to know your thoughts!

Here are the highlights from today’s episode:

{2.42} The why of becoming a coach

{4:03} The importance of having a contract in place

{8:25} Prioritise individuals over money

{12:00} The meaning of making an impact and centering the business around the clients

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