Online coaching truths

online coaching

73. Online coaching truths

In the online space, it does seem that if somebody has got to six figures in their business, people then think that they are the perfect person to help others get to six figures on their own. 

I am going to be blasting through some myths here, and I'm going to be talking about the difference between mentoring and coaching, how many people do a blend as well as what is actually important in my opinion, from a consumer point of view.

Here are the highlights:

{3:16} Do you talk about your client's results?

{4:20} Saying no to the cookie-cutter business model

{6:21} How we're often sold a dream online

{8:51} How you can be more curious as a pure coach if you don't have experience in what the client is talking about

{10:12} How we can believe that somebody's success is enough for them to help us be more successful in our own field

{12:09} Figuring out if a coach or mentor is for you

{13:32} Who are you choosing to work with you and walk alongside you to take you to the next level?

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