Money, money, money


39. Money, money, money

In this episode, I'm lifting the lid on the seven-figure business. Let's be honest. We can measure this in so many different ways. Is it all sales? Is it all cash and bank?

Is it on profit? Part of the confusion I see online is that when people are talking about seven figures, they are including any of those. So I wanted to talk about what is a seven-figure business. Is it what we all need to aspire to, or really, is it a benchmark that is there for some people?

Here are the highlights from the episode:

{2:09} How we can use money as a measurement tool in our businesses

{3:26} Our beliefs about money

{4:26} What money represents for you

{5:41} How much money do we actually need?

{6:48} Deciding what’s important to you right now

{7:53} What money can allow you to do

{9:28} Is the business you want to grow the one you have?

{12:47} How you won’t always make the right decisions

{14:07} Sacrifices

{14:43} Behind the scenes of a 7 figure business

{16:16} Ruth’s Mastermind opportunity

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