Live Coaching Call


9. Live Coaching Call

Today's episode is a bit different. You're going to hear some snippets of a coaching session that I did with one of my clients, specifically to share with you guys.

There's a couple of things that you'll notice.

The first thing is how important it is for you to take some time with your clients to focus in on a really clear goal so you know where they're headed.

Then at the end of the session, check-in with your client and make sure that they're committed to taking the action that they've said that they want to.

If you want to get some live coaching with me on my podcast, I would love to have you. Feel free to drop me a message.

Here are the highlights from this episode:

{1:06} Goal setting

{1:46} Assessing level of commitment

{8:32} What has got in the way so far

{15:42} Challenging beliefs

{17:57} Gaining commitment

{20:04} Planning for what could come up to get in the way

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