How to get in the right mindset to coach


25. How to get in the right mindset to coach

As a coaching mindset becomes a distinct ICF competency what does it actually mean?

I believe that as coaches our mindset is one of the most important things we can work on between client sessions to deliver great results.

Some of my top hacks, alongside the exercise/journaling/reading/silence/diet/sleep list that we all know so well, are shared in this podcast, I include: having time off social media every week, switching off from our phones, either having someone else answer my emails or having the apps off my phone, reading fiction and doing other things which stimulate my brain which aren’t coaching.

Alongside this, it is hugely important as a coach that we continue developing our knowledge, skills and experience through training, reading, coaching practice AND that we have safe spaces to talk about coaching for example in supervision (or in my new coaching hub membership).

Here are the highlights from today’s episode:

{2:14} A brief talk about energy hygiene

{4:24} The importance of performing cognitively at our best

{7:32} Tune in to what you find enriching

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