How coaching transformed my life


47. How coaching transformed my life

I truly believe that coaching is transformational which is why I trained as a coach and have always worked with coaches. Over the last decade coaching has helped me:

  • Gain confidence in a leadership role
  • Increase my awareness of my strengths and build on these
  • Become a better leader and manage my team more effectively
  • Step out of a secure professional role and start my business
  • Build two successful businesses
  • Value myself more and step into my purpose
  • Challenge myself to be better and to think differently

For me, coaching has helped me develop, and by having regular coaching I now feel happier and more fulfilled than I have done for years

As you know I love what I do and am on a mission to help others connect to themselves at a deeper level through coaching

Here are the highlights from this episode:

{1:22} Where my own coaching journey began

{3:51} How coaching helped me in my relationships

{5:15} How coaching helped me before I started my business

{7:08} How coaching helped me to understand myself as a person more

{10:43} How coaching can help you step into your bigger purpose

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