How holding space helps our clients go deeper


49. How holding space helps our clients go deeper

I am naturally a talker, I talk to think, I talk to process and for many years I talked to fill an awkward silence.

So how does somebody who loves to talk, who talks to process, who talks to think become a coach?

As a coach, silence is our friend: silence gives people processing time, silence means that people can really think and consider their answer, silence doesn’t have to be filled

Silence is one of the simplest tools in the coach's toolkit and surprisingly can take a while to use as a tool!

Here are the highlights from this episode:

{2:13} How as a coach, silence means that we give our clients the space to think and consider

{5:03} Our role as a coach as a partner to our coachees

{6:36} We can only go as deep with our clients as we have gone ourselves

{8:15} Great coaches have the belief that they're able to grow their skills

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