Having honest conversations with ourselves about money


6. Having honest conversations with ourselves about money

How often do you think about money?

Let's be honest, It's something that most of us have an interesting relationship with.

In this episode I’m talking about us having honest conversations with ourselves about money, because ultimately however much we dislike or we don't respect money, it is something that is significant in our lives.

If we're looking at a hierarchy of needs model like Maslow, we know that at that very basic level, we need to have our basic needs met, which includes shelter, food, clothing, warmth and safety. Ultimately, in the modern world, we need to have money to support us so we can meet those needs. If we have anxiety around our ability to meet those needs for ourselves and for others, then that's going to impact every area of our lives.

Talking about this topic can feel difficult because many of us have these deeply entrenched feelings, beliefs and stories that we tell ourselves about money.

Here are the highlights from this episode:

{2:35} Our relationship with money is not about money

{3:58} Reflecting on your relationship with money

{5:34} Our unconscious patterns around money

{6:50} Challenging our beliefs and the stories we tell ourselves about money

{8:28} What do you tell yourself about money?

{10:49} Acting in ways consistent with your new beliefs

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