Having difficult conversations about money with others


7. Having difficult conversations about money with others

Following on from the last episode, we’re talking about money and those difficult conversations we have to have with others about money.

We know that money is a big cause of arguments. I always say, “Is it really money or is it people's beliefs around money? Is it people's behaviours about money? Is it what money means to them?” And I think it's really important early on in a relationship to have a very honest conversation and to talk about what money means for you both.

This episode is all about having those difficult conversations with others about money.

Here are the highlights from the episode:

{1:17} How we feel about money influences our behaviour

{2:49} Being honest about past behaviour

{5:24} Having difficult conversations about money with close family and friends

{7:07} Money as independence

{9:30} Owning your relationship with money

{10:57} Conversations that protect you as well as helping you to thrive

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