Connecting with yourself to work on what really matters


5. Connecting with yourself to work on what really matters

So how often are you honest with yourself about what you actually want and what you want your life to look like? I see so many people take on goals from other people. They say online “I want to make 10K months. I want to have a six-figure business or a seven-figure business. I want to weigh nine stone, 10 stone. I want to run a marathon in under three hours.”

We see all of these goals other people are setting and sharing, and we have this me-too approach.

Honestly, if we're not connecting with ourselves and what we really want, then the goal setting is merely a vanity project and it's not going to have any meaning. Goals without meaning, money without meaning? There's nothing there.

In this episode, I’m talking about working on mastery goals and how you can implement them in your life so you have more of a focus on growing and learning and living within your values.

Here are the highlights from this episode:

{0:43} How often are you honest with yourself?
{2:27} Are your goals really important to you?
{3:01} Simple daily journaling practice
{4:59} Values as the rules for our lives
{6:38} Mastery goals
{10:42} Being focussed on learning

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