Coaching the whole person


72. Coaching the whole person

Today I'm talking about something that I think is really important in coaching, and that is that we coach the entire person.

We coach the person, not the problem.

This is where the ICF International Coaching Federation has been going too. It's also about seeing that often the situation that the person brings, is actually a reflection of what is going on for them. It's about uncovering those layers and looking at the reason, the why, and everything that is underneath what is going on in the situation.

Here are the highlights from this episode:

{1:45} Great transformational coaching respects the entire person and their context

{4:48} How it can be difficult to be non-judgemental at work

{8:21} How the knowledge that our thoughts affect our beliefs and how we act impacts how we show up

{10:15} Coaching is about more than the solution to a problem

{12:01} How we don't all start from the same playing field

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