How to Stay Motivated


What gets you up in the morning?

What drives you forward in every step of your life?

Intrinsic motivation is that inner feeling of motivation that appears when we are doing something that genuinely inspires us, but how do we know what it is, and how can we use it to our own benefit?

What is your Purpose?

First, tap into your purpose. What is your reason for doing what you do?

A lot of the time we are caught up in the physicality of our life – those things we are doing in the real world, such as getting married, buying a new top, or catching up with an old friend. We do these things because we decide to do them, right? But why are we really doing them?

Everyone has their own version of success, but think about what that looks and feels like to you. Perhaps you are money-driven, freedom-driven or people-driven. Perhaps your goal is simply to be happy. Which of these motivates the choices you make in your everyday life? Read more about this in my blog – How to achieve what is important to you.

Do you participate in that hobby to look good, to escape your work, to make new friends, or to feel happy inside? What is driving you?

What is your Vision? 

Sometimes we can go through life forgetting we have a vision, or not carving enough time to create one, but visualisation helps motivation because, when we connect to our vision, we create new neural pathways that bring us onto the same energetic level needed to reach our goals.

You will know when you’ve found your true vision because you’ll feel it deeply inside of you. Your energy level will increase, your face will light up, and you will feel that motivation almost straight away.

If you don’t feel these sensations, ask yourself if this vision is really yours. Is it someone else’s? Are you trying to connect to a vision that doesn’t align to your purpose, values and who you are as a person?

Taking Action

How often have you initially been motivated to do something, but then given up within the first few attempts?

It’s no surprise that when we start to work towards our goals, we are bombarded with a long list of tasks that we don’t actually enjoy doing. If we want to start our dream business, we still have to do the admin, the running of the website, the networking. There is no escaping these boring, mundane tasks. This blog about what demotivates us is useful – 10 Things that steal our motivation.

If you truly want to succeed, you have to be all in. Sometimes you will feel a sense of satisfaction from your daily tasks, or motivation from your results, but sometimes you won’t, and so you need that intrinsic motivation to drive you through it.

Finding your inner motivation is difficult – sometimes we don’t know what we want – but it is vital to connect with your inner self and think about what you truly want out of life.

If you are not feeling motivated, my question to you is, are you doing the right thing?  Take a step back and explore if you are doing what makes you happy. Is there anything you can change to help feel motivated and inspired again?

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