How setbacks can drive you to more success


Earlier this week I got some negative comments on social media and it made me question what I was doing. I am someone who is open and honest but there were a couple of times when things got to me and I started to think “Am I really doing what I am meant to be?”

Rather than stew, I took time out, I spent a day at the beach, I spent some time at the spa and I caught up with a good girl friend. I knew I needed to give myself space to work out what was going on and how I was going to move forward. By taking time away I was able to get clarity.

I reaffirmed, I love what I do and some of my clients had the best weeks they have ever had. I am confident I am making the right impact with the people that matter.

But, what about the negativity. I thought about this a lot, maybe too much. I had been testing a technique which my coach uses and teaches his tribe BUT it didn't really sit right with me and I believe that is where the disconnect came in. It is easy to get lured into using certain techniques but it is much more powerful to know what works for you and your clients, this is where I came unstuck. I did what I “should” be doing rather than what I wanted to do.

Licking my wounds I went on to have a huge sales day on Thursday as I had been able to reframe what had happened and refocus on what is important and what I want to do.

Here are my top tips for doing this:

1) Listen to all feedback, sit with it and decide – is there something I can learn from this to get better? sometimes there won't be anything, sometimes there will.

2) Take time out to reflect and give yourself space away from your business – do things that you enjoy and that make you happy.

3) Journal, get all of the feelings out and then you can make sense. If you were triggered why was that? are there things that you haven't explored. And, if you need to speak to someone ideally a coach or mentor who can help you through the fog

4) Be honest – if you have made a mistake fess up it always, always works better in the long run and then move on

5) Practice gratitude – keep your evening gratitude journal

6) Revisit your why – are you doing what you really want to be doing?

7) Tune into what you want – turn off the noise online and follow techniques that resonate with you

This is how I turned around a c**p week to make over 5 figures of revenue and to change the way that I felt about things, you can too.

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