How do you Create a Business that Works for You?


The online world is overflowing with memberships, courses and programmes. Everywhere we look there are people promising they have the secret blueprint to our business success, and we like to think they do.

These people are brilliant – there is nothing wrong with what they teach, and they often deliver the results they set out to achieve – but they make us believe there is a set path to business success. They make us think that we need to do what they do, rather than finding what deeply resonates within us.

Instead of creating a business model based on people we admire or who sell similar business models, we must create one that works for us.

Consider Your Strengths

The first step to creating a business model that works for you is to think about how you want to work. What energises you? How do you get the most out of yourself? Are you people-focused or task-focused? Are you fast-paced or slow-paced?

Think about the core traits of your personality when designing what your model looks like for a greater chance of success. If you’re creative, for example, perhaps you’ll enjoy building a series of courses, or if you’re a people’s person, why not run a close-knit training programme or present live events?

Get Clear On Your Values

When creating a business, we often fall into the trap of doing what we think we’re meant to be doing, but we are all different people. We should make our business into something unique that we’re proud of. 

Ask yourself: what is important to me? And let that guide you into creating your business model. Is it that you want to help people or perhaps offer affordable inclusive services? Align your business with who you are, and it’ll naturally feel like second nature. 

Think About What You Want Your Life To Look Like

Starting a business is more than just an exciting prospect; it’s a long-term commitment, and why would we commit to something we don’t want?

This is why it’s important to imagine your dream life before creating your business model. If you want time for holidays, a break to spend time with your kids, or evenings off, you have to implement this into your business early on. Set those boundaries and make it fit into your lifestyle. My blog about setting boundaries will help with this – The importance of setting boundaries.

The real truth about creating a business is that there is no right way. There are so many moving parts, so many different factors that play in, that it is impossible to create a definitive structure, but that’s what makes it so rewarding!

The key message is that: you don’t need to create a business that is based on anybody else’s version of success. You create a business that enables you to live the lifestyle you want to live. And if you get clear on who you are, your values and what you want, you can form a business that works on your terms.

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