Accredited Course Academy with Ruth Kudzi

Are you wanting to add a certified or accredited training program or course to your existing business?

You might already have a course that you sell that you want to increase credibility with certification or you may have a process or system that you take clients through which would suit a program. 

This is your one stop shop to:

Plan, Develop, Deliver, Market, Evaluate and Accredit your course *

This will help you create an experience which means your students get great outcomes, your completion rates are high, feedback is positive and referrals flow in.

And then you can accredit the program to increase credibility and open you up to wider audiences. 

The key here is you're learning from someone with over 20 years educational experience: my Masters is in Education and Psychology, I developed programs nationally for students aged 11-19 and then I've created my own academy which is a market leader: we have over 95% completion rates and 100% of our students say our training meets or exceeds expectations.

I understand how to create great learning experiences as this was my role as a Deputy Head and as a highly experienced trainer: I translate my decades of experience as well as my commercial knowledge to support you to have maximum impact. 

This is for you if you want a bigger impact and are passionate about the experience your students have. 

Our next intake is our final LIVE intake and we have a maximum of 20 in the group: 

Training calls are Thursday 2-3pm from 25thth January onwards for 8 sessions (we have a break w/c 5th and 12th February over Easter for your to complete your structure) PLUS 2 additional calls in October 2024 for evaluation and review 

PLUS a course review session in April + 3 feedback points where you can submit your materials for review from Ruth and her team 

PLUS: your own bank of resources and support on accreditation routes, lesson plans, resource presentation, feedback forms, pedagogy and lots more

AND: a 1/2 day train the trainer session if you want to train others in your methodology 

AND you'll get access to the evergreen version of the course with ongoing support baked in 

Price £1250 Payment plans available on request : email 

There are a maximum of 20 people in the group 

You will be able to

Create a course or training program that has a clear customer journey and outcomes 

Design an experience that uses different methods to maximise learning 

Plan and deliver learning experiences which are outcome focused 

Market and sell your course confident in the fact it will provide the transformation you've designed 

Train people in your methodology by designing materials and processes

Quality assure what you do through feedback and evaluation 

Stand out in your industry by providing a high level of customer experience and delivery 

Accredit your program with a variety of providers depending on your business needs 

Create a program that is scalable and can be sold to customers and organisations 

I understand how we learn: with over 30 years of experience studying Psychology and Neuroscience, 20 + years in education and 7+ years in entrepreneurship I'm uniquely placed to help you design, deliver and market your training program.

I understand how things work from a learning perspective as well as commercially. 

My own training academy Optimus has established itself as a leading provider of coach training in it's first 4 years and we have 100s of happy students. 

If you want someone who really gets curriculum design and delivery then I'm the person for you. 

You get: 

Weekly 60 minute training sessions 

Group accountability sessions and course review feedback 

Additional support for accreditation body research 

A private group for support and feedback

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