Having worked with a variety of businesses from large corporates (Westfield, Lend Lease, Omnicom, Pearson, Credit Suisse, Barclays) to public sector (local authority, Secondary schools) to small and medium-sized businesses Ruth has a range of experience across stakeholder groups. 

She has coached people at all levels in organisations, she spent a year working as a mentor and coach supporting Head teachers and Senior leaders nationally and has, more recently specialised in working with women who are in mid-senior level positions. Her experience of leadership programs and developing coaching cultures within organisations focusing on competency based models and holistic coaching methodologies means she works to develop the whole person. 

She has designed coaching programs for organisations and teams to allow managers to develop their coaching competencies and improve performance and has used coaching to bring about cultural change and significant shifts in performance. 

Ruth is a qualified coach and ICF member, her strong academic background and her knowledge of Psychology and Coaching means that she integrates numerous methodologies in her sessions to maximise their impact.

As a qualified teacher Ruth knows how to make workshops engaging and understands how people learn, she brings a sense of fun and passion to her training which is interactive in style and allows participants to learn in an engaging, professional and collaborative environment.

What Ruth Offers

Executive and leadership coaching to develop your teams capabilities and confidence improving their performance

Bespoke workshops on the following;

Overcoming imposter syndrome and learning to celebrate your success 

Developing self confidence in the workplace 

Helping your employees and managers develop their own career paths and take ownership of their self development

Strengths based leadership and developing your competencies as a leader

The importance of diversity in the workplace and creating a culture which celebrates difference

How to create a culture where wellness is promoted

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