Why clarity is key

Ruth Kudzi23

This week I have been thinking a lot about clarity, it started when I had an intensive with James Williams my high performance coach. 

He got me to reflect on why I do what I do, my stock answer is always my family. I have created a more flexible way of working around my family and my children as I want to spend more time with them and have a better work / life balance.

This is one of the benefits I get from working for myself, I am able to work around my kids so I do have flexibility. 

Having my own business works for me because I can choose my own hours and control how I work and what I do, this is important to my decision but in reality it isn't why I do what I do. 

So, why am I a coach? I could have chosen over career paths, I could have stayed in education and returned to a role of a consultant or worked as a teacher on a part time basis. 

The reason is simple, I choose to be a coach and specifically a coach for mums who want to change career and start up or develop their business for two reasons. 

The first reason is that I don't want other mums to be living the life I did where I was desperately juggling my career and family and finding that I wasn't doing anything as well as I wanted to. I want mums to realise there is another way and to help them to get there.

The second reason is I love coaching, I am energised by helping others. 

If you look at my career it makes sense – I worked in recruitment helping people get jobs, I worked as a teacher helping students get their grades and then as a consultant and Senior leader in schools helping middle leaders change their practice to get better results for the students. 

Coaching is the thing that lights me up and motivates me, yes the flexible lifestyle is great but I wouldn't be doing if I didn't love it. 

I get results for my clients and that is what drives me. I want to enable more mums to live the lives they want to be living, this is what gets me out of bed (and sometimes just to the coach to work) what motivates me and what makes me invest in myself to be the best version of myself to my clients. 

This is my clarity, this is why I do what I do. When you are thinking about what you do or want to do think about the intrinsic thing that drives you about the work that you do, what lights you up and makes you passionate because when you find this everything else will follow.

Ruth Kudzi is a Business and Mindset Coach who works with mums who want to start up and develop their own businesses to have more flexible ways of working. She has a MA in Psychology a BA in Management Studies and Psychology and numerous coaching qualifications.

To find out more about working with Ruth email her at info@ruthkudzicoaching.com

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