Inspirational Business Owners: Interview with Bridget Daley, Parents in Biz

February 26, 2019

Today I interview the brilliant Bridget who runs parents in biz and ask her all about setting up and running her business.

1) Describe your business – what do you do?
Parents in Biz platform is a platform designed to equip parents who are small business owners with everything they need to navigate the business and family tightrope. The types of parents I general work with are those that are just starting up in business and parents who are running a business. However, parents who are self-employed and freelance also find the website useful.
Some of the resources parents have access to are our blog, podcast, courses, inspirational interviews, business resources we also offer small challenges such as the self-care and productivity challenges. We recently launched the Parents in Business magazine.

2) What made you decide to start up your own business?
The primary motivation for me in setting up my business was for flexibility around my family. I have 5 children, and throughout my business journey, my children have gone through all the stages of child development baby, toddler, pre-schooler, school age, teenagers, and young adulthood.
I actually started my first business 10 years ago in telecommunications. I then went onto setting up and running a business within the fashion industry with my partner. I founded Parents in Biz in 2017, so I could work with parents who had the desire to start a business and parents who are running a business and want to grow their business. I wanted to use my experience of business and motherhood, to support and empower parents to manage the tightrope of running a business and having harmony at home.

3) What did you find hard in the beginning? What help did you get?
In the early days of being in business, I found managing the business and family juggle a real challenge, and I had to continually adapt and change things in addition to that in the early days I was also employed. So I had to manage family, business and employment. My partner and family are very supportive, so I am fortunate to have a solid support network.

4) What is the most rewarding thing about your business?
It has to be feedback and testimonials. I come from a social care background caring and being supportive is a natural trait of mine. So when I get testimonials from clients and feedback from the community, I find that rewarding. It’s a great feeling knowing you are making a difference; sometimes it’s a small difference and sometimes a big one.

5) If you could go back and give yourself some advice what would you say?
Not to be so trusting and carry out diligence. I have made some costly financial business mistakes in the past because I have wanted my businesses to grow and I trusted the wrong people and companies. However, this is a lesson learnt a painful one but an experience to learn from.

6) What are your plans for the future?
I plan to build and grow Parents in Biz and reach more parent-ran business owners. This year we will be putting on events and launching our online hub.

Thank you, Bridget.

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