Action over perfection

Ruth Kudzi16

I watched a Marie Forleo video earlier this month saying that you should start before you are ready and it really resonated with me.

I have been guilt of procrastination in the past. One of my clients even joked with me that I am the most qualified coach in the world!

I took course after course to get “ready” to become a coach. Courses are safe – you don't need to put yourself out there to get clients. You meet new people and you learn. I love education BUT I used to hide behind it.

Does this sound familiar?

Starting a business and taking action is scary. We can be plagued by fears and self doubt so it is much easier to say “I will do it when…”

The problem is “when” rarely happens, perfection stops action.

Don't get me wrong I am not condoning starting a business with no experience of what you are doing HOWEVER I think you can aim for a 80-90% there when you start.

It is a cliche that the magic happens when you push out of your comfort zone. If you wait until you get there then it is “comfortable” and by definition you aren't going to push yourself.

When I started up my business I was pregnant, working full time and had an energetic toddler – my head was saying ‘WAIT A MINUTE” however my heart was saying this is what you want to do.

I needed a coach to get me to that place and I can honestly say if I hadn't invested in one then I would probably still be sitting her dreaming of doing something different.

Because it is scary, putting yourself out there when you are aware you aren't as polished as you would like to be (in my ideal world I would have hair and make up professionally done for every live I do on Facebook – this is my goal but I am not there yet!).

If I had waited to go live until I had lost all the baby weight and had perfect hair and skin I would still not have gone live. If I waited to publish a blog until I was 100% confident about what I had written you would never have read any of my words.

I do everything I can to get as ready as possible and then I do it. I put myself out there. I know I have things to refine and improve and this is okay – I am fallible and I am authentic.

People buy from people in this world and perfection can be boring or intimidating.

So, when you are waiting for perfect – the perfect time, the perfect blog or video take a few breathes and go for it, action beats perfection and gets you the results.

Ruth x

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