The Accelerator Academy

Are you fed up of hearing you need to work on your business and stuck in working in it?

Do you know with more focus you will get better results?

Do you know what you need to do but don’t always do it?

Do you sometimes wish you still had a boss as then you know you would show up and do the work?

I have created the accelerator academy to help you, it is a coaching and accountability program to help you get stuff done and make progress.  You get weekly accountability, monthly accelerator days where you take action (live days every quarter) and coaching to move you forward so you make progress towards your goals.

This is not a normal membership or a group program it is unique in that it focuses on you taking action (the most important determinant of success!) and supports you to do so by helping you with your mindset and strategy.

You hear about working on your business not in your business but do you spend all your time in the every day and miss doing the things which will help you grow and progress?

We focus on 4 areas:

  • Who you are, your personality, skills and USP. We look at your mindset, confidence and resilience and provide practical activities and training to help you raise your self awareness, build your resilience and grow your confidence
  • Who your clients are: what they are like, what their problems are, where they spend time, how you will attract them to you and develop and build relationships, how to retain clients
  • How to make more sales: how to move people from liking you to buying from you, sales strategies, your mindset and confidence around selling, client retention
  • Your business model: how you want to work, how to to create programs and packages, what a value ladder is, building relationships

Membership Includes

  • Weekly 90 minute live sessions focusing on goal setting, accountability and q&A
  • One day a month (2nd Wednesday) to work on your business with a team of support (every quarter these days are in person rather than virtual)
  • A strong community of other entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Weekly short training and activities in one of the four categories
  • Access to guest experts in the group that you can ask questions to rather than building your own team
  • FREE access to my events which enable you to grow your network and supplement your learning (1 bootcamp and 4 exclusive live implementation days every year)
  • Monthly progress questionnaires for increased accountability
  • A resource bank of material you can access as and when including expert workshops
  • 2 socials a year to build your network and relationships
  • Accountability partners so that you have that extra person to keep you on track
  • Progress prizes so you can win 1:1 laser coaching with me, books and presents when you hit your goals

“It has.. given me a community of like-minded women to gain support and advice from. Ruth is a constant presence and her insights, knowledge and advice are invaluable for me in moving my business forward. I love the challenges she sets – they keep me accountable! The monthly training she offers has really helped me gain the skills I need to start building my business. Thank you Ruth!”

Clare Flaxon | Resilient Mums

“Ruth has helped me gain clarity around my business objectives and she has guided me in planning my next steps. I love getting a personal message from Ruth on a Monday morning to ask how I have been getting on with my weekly goals. 

Simsek | Social Media Manager | Social Thyme

“I love being a member ! Ruth is so engaging, offering great actionable advice and content, on a daily basis! She is very open, sharing her own experience, both the highs and lows, which I love, because it shows me that despite setbacks, it is possible to build a successful business when you have young children. This group is a great taster to show you what it could be like to work with a coach on a one to one basis and 100% worth the investment!”