Group Coaching Program




Have consistent clients in your business

Have a clear lead generation strategy so you can attract the right clients?

Develop your 90 day plan so you prioritise what you need to do each week?

Get clarity on your USP and what makes you stand out?

Consistently convert leads into clients?

Create programs that deliver value to your clients and create raving fans?

Learn how to create systems and support structures that work for you?

Have a supportive group of other business owners?



If you are are starting up or have been in business less than 3 years as a coach, consultant, trainer or instructor and want consistent clients in your business this is the course for you. We look at the strategy and mindset you need to be successful AND take the right action. This course is about creating a business which plays to your strengths as a business owner and you get unparalleled support to do that


A strategy call with Ruth to map out your next 90 days and help you get clear on your priorities

Weekly modules taught LIVE to help you with your business strategy, mindset and practical activities to build and grow your business

Weekly group coaching calls to help you overcome any obstacles and give you tailored support, coaching and mentoring

A resource bank with over 30 different trainings and resources to help you build your business

A private facebook community with weekly implementation time to focus on getting results

A one day event in London to take you and your business to the next level

Expert training to help you increase your knowledge

A DISC personality profile PLUS

3 group digital marketing sessions with Mr Christian Kudzi focusing on facebook advertising and messenger bots

Lifetime access to all of the material and any updates

3 months access to "The Hub" Ruth's membership community

TOTAL INVESTMENT 4 x £495 or 1 x £1750 (all prices include VAT)

OR 4 x $520 or $1900 (price correct as of March 2019)


Where I was in my business before AYS.

I had been in business for 18 months and my business was doing well, however, I felt at a crossroads and wanted to scale and take my business to the next level but was procrastinating and fearful of taking action. I also did not really understand the steps I needed to take and in what order which left me stuck in my comfort zone and not driving things forward.

Where I am in my business now.

In three short months I have opened a successful and thriving Facebook Group (which I had been putting off setting up for months) and have nearly completed writing my group course which I will be launching in the next 6 weeks. I am now completely confident in taking this next step to scale and know that I have Ruth and an amazing community of women to help me every step of the way!

What is it like doing AYS and working with Ruth?

AYS is an amazing course that covers both the basics of setting up a business (I found these basics were beneficial to revisit) and also goes into how to scale to the next level. It is straightforward, simple and easy to follow and breaks everything down into very achievable steps. Ruth is fabulous, down to earth, straight talking provides accountability and will go the extra mile for her clients. It is amazing to drive my business to the next level with the support of Ruth and all the other ladies that are part of AYS!

What you want to achieve this year.

I will continue to work with ladies 1-1 to ditch dieting, ditch restrictions, change their relationship with food and upgrade their mindset. I am imminently launching my group program, am planning to launch a membership site and also products. I now have a clear idea of where I am going with my business and more importantly the confidence to take action.

Karen Brindle | The Weightloss Queen |

When did you join AYS?

Joining AYS right at the beginning of this year was the light which I could follow home, after a year crisscrossing the Atlantic building my business in the US. At the time, I didn’t believe my ability to see the power in someone's story and teach them how to turn it into the heart of an unstoppable business, was valued in my own country.

Where you were in your business before you started working with Ruth.

Despite a TED Talk, a sold-out national speaking tour of the UK, becoming both a crowd-funded publisher and a published author, nobody here could teach me how to turn all this into a sustainable business at the time. When the media moved on and the book sales dried up, I found myself in a "minimum wage" job with a ceiling cap on what I could take home, and still all the responsibility for putting a roof over my sons’ heads and food on the table in front of them.

When I first spoke to Ruth, a part of me thought it was my fault, that I was "not smart enough.” The other part of me felt rejected like I just didn’t fit here. Deep down, I was really questioning what did I have to do to be successful here in the UK?

In Ruth, I found not only a woman who had built her business in the time I’d been "in my wilderness" and modelled that success in her own right here but, more importantly, a woman who put her people and their growth right at the heart of what she did - which meant me.

That feeling of being accepted for who I am, respected for my talents, and embraced while being offered her own hard-won experience exactly where needed, made the whole world feel bigger and yet allowed me to feel familiar with it.

Where you are now in your business?

I began to achieve growth almost instantly, I had a full roster of 1:1s and was able to fill my first group programme, Brand Story Bootcamp, right out of the gate.

What has it been like working with Ruth?

Working with Ruth has felt like having a wise cheerleader in my corner, which has allowed me to embrace what I offer and grow it in her generosity, respect, and equanimity. She is a beautiful example of a mentor, colleague, leader, businesswoman and coach, the greatest quality is that she has built her business with exemplary integrity. She is the real thing.

What is the greatest asset of being part of AYS for you and your business?

Ruth has helped me prove that what I do not only has value, but also helped me to see the fear of visibility, the disbelief that our stories have business value, and that uncertainty over which of our stories works hardest, is very real for women entrepreneurs - and we have very specific challenges as we are often mothers who feel need to be careful, and we are building purpose and heart-based businesses in a world that hasn’t shown us our worth often.

So far we have found, 6 people’s modalities, 5 books, 4 signature talks, 2 programme names, a podcast launched with Netflix, and one client got an invite to speak at a TED within three months of working with me. I have been able to turn not only my own success into a real way forward for others, but also show that what it takes to get there is inside us all, to really help people see the magic in their story and have that bigger vision for themselves.

And what do you want for your business in 2019?

Waking up every day feeling absolutely on fire, I look forward a year of unleashing the power in more people's stories. To make them stand out, engage immediately and feel unstoppable, as I roll out not only Brand Story Bootcamp again, but my find Find Your TED Worthy Idea Inner Circle Programme and my next book, Mind Goblins; stop listening to their story in your head and start telling yours out loud. Thank you, Ruth, for not just helping to bring me home, but come home to myself.

Melanie Gow | Brand Story Strategist |

What made you join AYS?

I joined accelerate your success in 2019. Prior to that, I had been following Ruth Kudzi in the Rebel Collection for probably over 2 years. Something resonated to me about Ruth from early on. I had been working in the NHS for 22 years and for many reasons I was coming to the end of that journey as I felt it was a drain on my work/life balance, I was not having enough fun with my family and I felt I had more personal growth in me that wasn't able to flourish in that environment. I came to a pivotal point and there was one person who I felt could turn to, to make that huge decision to walk away from a well paid, "safe" job. I had lots of support around me, but no-one that had chosen to walk away. I also had lots of reminders of the risks of leaving. I booked a discovery call and joined Ruth's programme - and HANDED IN MY NOTICE!!. Ruth was really there for me in those first few weeks of utter fear. Ruth supported me, checked in on me and reminded me that this is what I wanted to do.

Where were you before AYS?

I hadn't been able to do any private work (I'm a children's physiotherapist), prior to leaving and therefore this really was a leap from earning to not earning!

Where are you now in your business?

Only 3 months after joining the AYS programme and 3 1/2 weeks after leaving my job, I have reached my 3-month goal and I am on the way towards earning half of my previous income (after 1 week of trading) by the end of the month. I have a website, I understand my ideal client, I have a strategy for the next 12 months and I have a clear vision of what I want to achieve for my family and not what other people think I should achieve.

What has it been like working with Ruth?

It has been amazing working with Ruth. I have had a 1:1 coaching call, I am part of the hub and AYS. Ruth's group training, youtube videos and her AYS package have given me confidence and a process to work through the content I needed to. I joined AYS knowing that for most of it I would still be working full time, so I would find it difficult to join all the live group calls. However, I still joined as I knew I needed to be part of this group to help me keep on track with my vision whilst I was getting closer to walking away from what I had known for such a long time. In fact, those working lunches sat in a Starbucks car park were great for my resilience, as it encouraged me to stop and consider what I needed to do to look after myself and prepare for my future. I caught up on the sessions I missed and was able to work at my own pace.

What is the greatest asset of being part of AYS for you and your business?

AYS has been fantastic at helping me prepare for working on my own and putting strategies in place for self-management and business management. It has helped me understand what I need to do to market myself and being in a non-health environment has been great at enabling me to approach this in different ways. The community is awesome, there are so many people to share ideas from, get feedback from and grow with. Ruth schedules posts and always personally replies, which makes you feel heard, cared about and the structure is a great reminder to think about the week's successes to keep you in the best mindset possible. I have loved it. Ruth's personal approach, supported by her team is what makes the difference - she had my back.

What do you want from your business in 2019?

I am glad to be part of Ruth Kudzi's AYS and hub and will continue to benefit from lifetime access to the AYS programme. I will benefit from going over it again now I have more space. I want to continue to grow my business to get back to my previous income but with a much better work-life balance. Ruth really was the catalyst that got me started on this journey and gave me the strength to follow in her footsteps - it has enabled me to be more present with my family and that is the best success I could have wished for. I am happy, my family are happy and we have a much better future ahead - I can't thank you enough Ruth - this is life changing!

Helen Bayliss | Physiotherapist

Where you were in your business before AYS.

I must be honest I Facebook stalked Ruth a little while before I started to work with her and it paid off – I’ve gone from being a member of her free group to her subscription group and then jumped into her signature programme and now I’m continuing to work with her on my business.

I had been planning to make a change from my consultancy and contract work for a little while and when I finished working with a long-term client, I knew I had to make the leap to set-up on my own. I was toying with a few different ideas and models but knew it would centre around, marketing, women in business and coaching. I contemplated taking on a women’s networking franchise but ultimately wanted to set my own vision and course, regardless of the additional ‘risk’ associated with doing so. I immersed myself in the search for similar businesses and looked for someone who was doing what I wanted to do but who also ‘looked and felt like me’. I actually found Ruth because I was searching for a potential Facebook group and page names for my own business idea and her Collective came up. It proved to be a great find for me!

I took some time off, did some further training and started to formulate what I would do but I knew I wanted to be accountable to someone and needed some structure to turn what I knew, and what I wanted to do into a viable, and working business. That’s where Ruth has been invaluable.

I jumped on board with Ruth when my business was just an idea and nothing more, I used her Accelerate programme with its group coaching to keep me on track and Ruth personally helped me to make decisions and move me forward when I was questioning the who, how, why.

I’m so glad I took the leap and followed my instincts to follow and then take up more personal one-on-one coaching with Ruth.

Where you are in your business now.

I’ve recently launched my own marketing & business coaching business, focused on helping other women in business. The Brave Girls Business Club. I’m fully immersed in that, and I love working with all the women in my own group. I have my first client(s) on board and the relationships and my own community and networking are steadily building. 2019 looks exciting and I’m eager and ready to embrace establishing the progress made in 2018 to really get my new business off the ground and successfully creating a consistent income.

What it is like working with me/doing AYS?

Working with Ruth is so easy, she makes everything straight forward and accessible and she puts her resources, knowledge and know-how at your disposal. We’ve done calls from all over the world, and at 6 am in the morning at the location where she was – totally above and beyond, to make sure I had a scheduled call. When you’re working on yourself, by yourself, for yourself it’s easy to get in a pickle with your thinking and decision making – I love that Ruth lets me have a sounding board which with her insightful questioning and reflecting lets me get to a point where I can see the ‘wood for the trees’ and make the decisions that I need to move forward and progress. Having someone hold that space for me is very valuable. I’m definitely a fan.

What you want for your business in 2019.

My objective for 2019 is regular, consistent monthly income, with an established client base and more developed range of packages and products to offer my clients. I’m feeling confident that I have the support around me to achieve this and I’m excited to see how it unfolds and the results in 12 months time!

Sarah Pearson | Business Coach | Brave Girls Business Club

Where you were in your business before AYS.

I was at a crossroad. I’d been freelancing and doing really well but hit capacity and wasn’t sure what to do next. I kept taking the (what I would identify as) the safer options i.e. work for clients or with people.

Where you are in your business now.

I’ve made life-changing decisions about my business. I am no longer working as just a freelance social media manager, I’m now delivering strategy based consultancy packages, coaching, and building an audience and will be releasing my Kickstart your marketing programme in January 2020. I’ve sold 5 consultancy packages (and have more in the pipeline) and have over 25 1-2-1 coaching sessions booked. I’m learning to turn away the wrong work (which is a massive mindset change for me). I’ve created a new Facebook group for coaches and consultants (literally this week so it’s very small but that’s fine). I have a clear business plan, objectives and goals.

What it is like working with me/doing AYS?

Ruth has been there, she’s built her own successful business and studied how others have so she can advise and support you through your journey. Ruth is so supportive and on hand to answer your questions. She helped me move forward with my own business goals. Ruth is also an amazing marketer and has a brilliant personal brand. She makes running webinars, YouTube channels, Facebook Lives look effortless. There’s a massive mindset shift that needs to happen when you put yourself out there and Ruth has helped many achieve that.

What is the biggest asset of being part of AYS?

The knowledge and support from Ruth Kudzi, working with other women who understand what you’re going through without judgement. Also the work I have done through the programme on my own mindset.

What you want for your business in 2019.

I want to move from 1-2-1 coaching to one to many in the next year. I want to sell out my Kickstart your marketing programme for coaches and consultants and have steady leads for next year. I want to help other consultants and businesses get results from their marketing.

Ruth Gibley | Marketing and Coaching |

Where you were in your business before AYS.

Before I started working with Ruth I had been a qualified coach for nearly two years. I know my abilities and what I have to offer but I did not know how to promote myself and my business or put it all together. I had confusion in many areas and this was creeping in as self-doubt so I knew I had to take action and find someone to show me how to plug the gaps; which is where Ruth came in.

Where you are in your business now.

I now have a clear idea of where I am going, who my target, ideal clients are, my message, my programme and who I am in a business sense. I have grown in confidence and am very excited about the present and the future of my business.

What it is like working with me/doing AYS?

I have had several coaches - as a coach myself, I know the value of a good coach - and Ruth delivers. She has shown me where I need to plug those gaps and how to plug those gaps. I have been taught business tools and valuable advice that I didn’t even know I had to learn. The best part for me is that Ruth listens to who you are as an individual and your vision. She doesn’t try to change your vision and replace it with her own. Sure, she advises and guides you BUT not by controlling and pushing you. By coaching and sharing her expertise.

What is the biggest asset of being part of AYS?

I The tools, the wealth of information, the community - you are not alone - there is whole tribe alongside you. I feel supported, challenged and part of something great. I no longer am guessing and wasting hours trying to teach myself the next business step, I have a whole team with Ruth at the helm to share their knowledge and show me how to stride forwards with confidence.

What you want for your business in 2019.

In 2019 I want my business to grow a strong, solid client base and a back catalogue of reviews from clients who, working with me, have reaped the results they seek.

Lucie Steyn

When I started working with Ruth I had had no paying clients and was really struggling. I had no idea about the business side AT ALL. I didn't know any of the lingo or what to do in order to turn a passion into a livelihood.

Through working with Ruth I have had two sets of paying clients to purchase my full package including HypnoBirthing, Doula & Postnatal services. I have also reconnected with my former profession of Herbal Medicine and have started including that within the services I provide. I have also crystallised how I am going to scale my business from 1 to 1 into a 1 to Many model and know what I need to do to make it happen. I have learned how to use social media to connect with my ideal clients (now I know what that is!) and have a developing online presence.

Working with Ruth has been Amazing. I feel like a whole new world has been revealed to me. And as this new world has come into focus, so has my belief in myself and the value of what I have to offer. Money mindset and self-belief have been a struggle but because I am putting in the action despite my negative self-talk things are moving forward bit by bit. Ruth is hugely inspirational and a whirlwind of positivity and possibility. It's like having someone in your corner, shouting from the sidelines, cheering you on! The depth of her knowledge is awesome and, at the same time, watching her developing her own business whilst helping others to do the same is a very potent combination.

In 2019 I intend to produce my own antenatal course combining all my disciplines (Herbal Medicine/HypnoBirthing/Birth and Postnatal Education) that can be delivered in a ‘workshop/course’ style and will also be produced in an online learning format. This way I can provide information in 3 different price brackets.

I'm not promoting anything yet…. The course to come will be: BirthWorks 'Ancient Wisdom, Modern Practice' Birth and Newborn Preparation Course

Kim Craig

Where you were in your business before AYS.

I set up my business Socially Contented as a social media marketing consultancy after working in corporate marketing for 20 years.  I was starting to get good clients, in fact, I on-boarded one of the top 10 orchestras in the world as a client at around the same time.

Where you are in your business now.

Now I have changed the focus of my business to lead generation, specifically Facebook Ads and LinkedIn, and written a course on lead generation in LinkedIn, my LinkedIn Leads Machine course. I am taking on bigger clients and the last two months were my highest billing months ever.

What it is like working with me/doing AYS.

Ruth is a dream to work with. She is 100% supportive and very generous with her time and advice. As a coach, she's really good at crystallising the thoughts you didn't know you already had! As she has built her own business up from the ground she knows exactly what you are going through.

What you want to achieve in your business in 2019.

I want to be financially successful in 2019 but I also want to inspire other women who may have had to take a career break or transform their career due to redundancy. I will be 50 in 2019 - to my surprise as 50 sounds an awful lot older than me! - and if I can do it anyone can, whatever their age.

Cathy Wassel | Facebook Ads & LinkedIn Strategist

Before I started working with Ruth I was convinced I was heading in the right direction, however, it soon became clear that I wasn’t and this was all down to AYS and working with Ruth.
Ruth has helped me to find the real me in business rather than the ‘character’ I thought I had to portray. She has given me the tools to believe in myself, to realise that my message needs to be heard and that authenticity is the ONLY way to feel fulfilled and/or to love what you do. 
In the 12 months since AYS, I have found my voice, positioned myself as my brand, grown in confidence, told my stories, have realised who my ideal clients are and have found my niche of fitness and wellbeing for women in business.
I have become the fitness and wellbeing expert for The Hub, have a sell-out fitness retreat, have enjoyed several collaborations and I now know my next steps.
Even more importantly I have a clear vision of what I want my business model to look like, and for once I fully believe that I will make it a reality. 
2019 WILL see me launch and grow my online programme, it will see me launch a new free group and grow its numbers to at least 500, I have another retreat planned for Summer PLUS I will launch flexible fitness & wellbeing coaching packages too. 
Working with Ruth just feels right, she has an amazing way of not only delivering fantastic coaching but of making it personal to me and my brand too. 
I can’t wait to see what the next 12 months bring.

Carly Keighley | Fitness & Wellbeing Coach and Personal Trainer

Where you were in your business before AYS.

Before I joined Ruth's AYS programme I had the idea of a business, to use my CBT training and wellbeing knowledge to help mums have a better experience of motherhood. But that was it. I had an idea and nothing else! I had no structure, no website, no facebook group, no clients yet.

Where you are in your business now.

A year down the line and Resilient Mums is thriving. I've got a great community of awesome mums in my facebook group, a full schedule of 1:1 clients getting CBT support for the challenges they're facing as mums and I've started running online courses and workshops to teach ways to manage the stress and pressures of mum life better. Oh, and a website too 🙂 I have a clear plan for how I want my business to run and how I'm going to continue building it. And I have the tools to be able to do it.

What it is like working with me/doing AYS?

If I hadn't taken the plunge and signed up to work with Ruth and be on her AYS programme, I don't think Resilient Mums would even exist. It certainly wouldn't be the success it is today. Ruth gave me the skills and knowledge I needed to build up the idea of supporting mums into a tangible, viable business. She helped me build up the skeleton of an idea into a plan with structure and the know-how to implement it. And even more than that, she gave me the support to do it.

Working with Ruth means having someone root for you every step of the way. Being part of AYS gave me a community of brilliant women to be part of and draw support from too. There's such inspiration and power in being part of a group of women who are on the same journey as you. The programme is structured so that you're always moving and progressing and I found that really helpful and motivating. There's weekly accountability, goal setting and training. so that you really do have everything you need to get your business off the ground or scale it if you're already started.

I loved working with Ruth so much I went on to be a 1:1 client of hers. For me there's no hesitation: if you want the flexibility and freedom of creating your own business and you want to be successful in realising your dream, then jump at this chance to be part of her AYS programme. You won't regret it.

What you want for your business in 2019.

For me and Resilient Mums, 2019 is a year of growth. My focus is on scaling things and offering more support in new ways to as many mums as I can! I'll be rolling out a series of workshops on being a confident, happy mum; feeling good enough as a mum, and how to manage stress and be a calmer mum. I've also got some exciting partnerships on the pipeline and will be working alongside an educational psychologist to deliver workshops on parenting skills and wellbeing. And you'll be seeing more of Resilient Mums as I write for different publications and at some great events this year on motherhood, wellbeing and identity. None of this would be happening if I hadn't signed up and started working with Ruth. It's money and time well spent.

Clare Flaxen |

Meet Kate Southerby from Kate did my Accelerate your success group coaching course in March 2018 and has gone from strength to strength ever since. Working with Kate is a complete dream - we have even done a joint networking event together.

What I do.

I am the founder of I am ME coaching. I am a transformation coach who helps individuals and teams 'unleash their talents, celebrate who they are to live a life they love'. My purpose as a coach and trainer is to help people discover their potential. I show people how it's not just possible to be their authentic selves and get what they want, it's essential.

Who I work with.

I work with individuals considering a career change, more fulfilment from their current career or simply feeling stuck and wanting to make positive changes. In group events or 1:1 
- Organisations, leaders and HR Heads who want their employees and teams to work better together 
- Leaders and entrepreneurs who want to improve their impact, performance and professional relationships.

How Accelerate your success helped me.

From setting up from scratch and 'going live' 5 months ago I have delivered 4 group events, been a speaker at the Do Lectures talking about relationships, I currently have 7 1:1 clients and am working with two creative businesses to help them drive profit through their people. I have some fun stuff lined up for 2019 - namely a focus on passive income streams and doing more of what I love with teams - using the TotalSDI inventory.

Why you would recommend the course?

Oh my goodness... where to start?! I had been off on career break for 3 years following the birth of my second child, George. Before that, I worked at Topshop/ Topman for 11 years and before that the financial services industry. I had a huge blind spot on how to actually set up and run a business. I had never been exposed to 'brand', to 'marketing', to 'sales', to the tech side of running a business either and was hardly present on social media. I had never really thought about 'me as a brand' before the program - putting myself out there was a bit hurdle for me. Without this course, I would have been totally lost. I knew I wanted to hit the ground running and make an impact from the start. I knew I didn't want to start and then stop - I wanted to balance being a mum and running a business. I wanted something that I felt 'was worth leaving the kids for', something that would play to my strengths. I always knew the what and the why in my business but not the how - AYS gave me this.

I also knew I needed some 'teammates' - which I got in bundles. So much support and encouragement from those in my group. I tried not to get overwhelmed by those more ahead in their business and just soaked it in and learned from them. Plus I knew I kind of needed a kind of 'boss' (!)..... I needed someone to help with my imposter syndrome, a cheerleader, someone I could check in with regularly and someone who was a kind of 'try it... what's the worst that can happen' kind of person. Ruth's strengths were some of my weaker areas, underdone strengths and I love that about Ruth. Her honesty and integrity. PLUS all the learning material, the amazing support of experts, the fact she promotes and supports everyone in the group. She gives a hell of a lot and you get a hell of a lot back. I would never have been able to do this without Ruth or this program. It was worth every penny (even though I didn't have that many pennies at the time!).

She's got my mojo back, I feel confident in my brand (I'm still learning, I'm still changing what my focusses are, my business is by no means where I want it to be) but I've got a vision for what I want and how I want to feel. From the outside and the inside - in all areas of my life as a result of working with Ruth. I'm reading a self-help book every single week! (from a girl who only ever used to read Grazia and Elle Decoration - that's a huge change!) I totally feel in my flow, that I'm playing to my strengths and I can, therefore, be 100% authentic to my clients.

Her enthusiasm is infectious. She's a very special person.

Kate Southerby |

I have enjoyed the whole experience immensely, I have learnt so much and I am still trying to put it all together!  I joined Ruth's programme feeling quite nervous as I only had a vision of how I wanted my life to be in a years time and a few ideas of how I could possibly make some money around my family life, I had no idea that it could be an actual tangible business.

Fast forward a few weeks and I have a business model, a business plan, a Facebook page, business email address, business cards, my first 121 coaching clients and meetings scheduled with top Universities to discuss potential collaborations. I am also working on producing an online course to be launched end June.

I have spent years feeling stuck inside my own head and unable to get over myself and procrastinating on chasing my dreams & reaching my true potential.  All the work Ruth did with us around vision, goals, confidence & mindset at the beginning of the course has been literally life-changing for me.

Then there is all of the business knowledge, tips, tools and marketing information that I have learnt, I now know what an opt-in is, how to create one and why it is valuable, strategies for finding & building my audience, how to convert them into paying customers etc. Not to mention the amazing and inspirational group of women that Ruth brought together in this group, the support within the group has been amazing and my accountability buddy Kate has been fab.

Key takeaways for me that I will continue doing;

journaling, amazing way of getting out of my head and writing down my millions of ideas to help get clarity - I will continue to do this.

re-frame the negative thoughts, remember how far I have come, what I have achieved and be kind to myself.

confidence is just an illusion, everyone has nerves, the more you do something the more confident you become - 5,4,3,2,1, JFDI! 

nothing is as hard as you think it is going to be, ask questions, be curious, network and find someone that knows the answer.

Believe in myself!!  I am unique, I am the point of difference, people will come to me for being authentically me and my unique set of skills.

Sarah Atkins | Creative Coach

I joined Ruth's group coaching so that I had the accountability and support I needed to get going with a new business venture. 

It has been really great, Ruth is very attentive and even though you are in a group she gives very one on one attention to any issues or problems you are experiencing. 

I've met some incredibly inspiring people in the group, and the support and encouragement have been amazing.  I wouldn't have the self-belief or tools that I now have to start my business without this experience!

I highly recommend the programme to anyone teetering on the edge of starting like I was, but without the self-belief to take the leap!


Liz Patient | Pilates instructor 

I joined the programme to get a better understanding of launching a new business and making it successful. I have learnt a massive amount of practical things (I now know what a sales funnel is for example!) but what has really made the difference to me, has been the weekly group coaching calls.

Speaking every week has made me accountable and has definitely pushed things forward quicker than if I had been doing this alone. Taking the course has been such a positive experience for me, and I would encourage anyone who is setting up their own business, or who might be in the future, to take it – trust me – you won’t regret it. I have a background in TV production and am currently launching my new business as a TV and Media Coach; helping people navigate the freelance world, progress in their careers, and achieve a work/life balance in industries that are notoriously hard to do so.

Louise Allmark-Kent | Media and TV Coach

I joined Ruth’s programme to learn marketing strategies for attracting new clients, to refine my business model, get clear on what’s holding me back from getting new clients and to understand more about social media and how it can work for my coaching business.

I chose this programme specifically because I had got to know, like and trust Ruth over a period of time and loved her honest, supportive, genuine approach. Not to mention her generosity in sharing what works for her and being happy for you adapt it and make it your own. Ruth has a wealth of knowledge, qualifications, life experience and experts from various fields on tap, that she freely offers to the group.

During the programme, I have finally worked out who my dream client is, have a business model that is true to who I am and how I work; I am far more productive and have set working hours, so procrastinate less. My confidence has increased around technology and I faced my Mailchimp demon and created a landing page, opt-in and email automation! I’ve been thinking about it for longer than I care to mention and recently got on and did it in a couple of weeks. I feel so empowered and ready to break through the next demon - Facebook lives! Knowing I could ask questions in the group if I needed help was reassuring. I have been coaching for many years and now feel like it’s a business and not just something on the side.

It can be lonely being an entrepreneur and connecting with like-minded women in the group has solidified how important it is to be part of a support network and to share ideas, successes, wobbles, challenges and learn from others experiences. The weekly laser coaching calls and workbooks were invaluable and you have lifetime access to them. I loved having so many ‘touch points’ with Ruth and she always replied personally to questions and was very active in the group.

To anyone who is considering the programme I would say, take advantage of the 15min call with Ruth to explore if it’s right for you and if you connect with her and have a desire to start or grow your own business, then just go for it! You will learn SO much, connect with great women and have all the support and accountability you need to move you forward.

Donna Edwards | Life Coach

Having followed Ruth on Facebook for a few months and bought her Passive income course and Confidence course, I was determined to secure a winning place on the EE course by going all out on the Employee to Entrepreneur challenge. And I did get my place on the course!

There’s something about Ruth that really resonates with me. She is down to earth but very professional. She is not all woo, like some other coaches I’ve worked with. Her motto is Mindset + Strategy = Results, which is very much in line with how I like to work. When I started the Employee to Entrepreneur course, I was a Stay At Home Mum with an online support group for women whose partners have Asperger’s Syndrome. I knew I wanted to grow this into a business but didn’t have the confidence or the knowledge of how to do this.

The course modules were very thorough and spending a few weeks at the beginning to do mindset work really helped to lay the foundations for my business. The subsequent weeks’ modules were more content based and again very thorough, and I am going through these workbooks as and when I get to each point in my business.

The main thing I appreciated about the Employee to Entrepreneur course was the weekly group call. Ruth pulls no punches! She comes right out and asks those difficult questions that you need to answer in order to overcome stumbling blocks, and in my case I had quite a few surrounding mindset and confidence.

She also is very good and getting you to commit to taking action each week and holds you accountable. The first couple of weeks I felt bad that I hadn’t followed through with my actions. I was slightly nervous that I’d get told off for not doing the work, but Ruth made it clear, it is all on me; she couldn’t do the work for me. I soon got into the flow and actually looked forward to my weekly “kick up the bum” from Ruth.

My confidence in myself and my abilities as a Life Coach have grown considerably. The turning point came when I was being very tentative about seeking clients, and I just remember Ruth’s words: “Why not?!”. I stepped out of my comfort zone, put myself out there and got 3 Discovery Calls booked that week! Since starting the EE course, I now feel I have a viable business. I’ve launched two online courses, 6 clients for coaching calls and am about to start working for a life coaching qualification. I am definitely no longer an employee but an entrepreneur

Amy Stammers | Mindset & Self-Care Coach

I joined Ruth's group program as part of her 1-1 Signature package. This was already a huge value-add to my fortnightly coaching calls with her.

The program gave me contact to amazing women who are also in a similar situation of starting up their businesses and having their support was invaluable as I sometimes I feel quite isolated, as I am working from home. This community gave me the feeling of having colleagues who I can bounce ideas off and feel less alone with my challenges.

Ruth provided workbooks each week on different topics related to setting up a business and they are very well thought through and thought-provoking. I'll be keeping these as resources for when I need to revisit different aspects of my business. And the weekly calls were an opportunity to run through any challenges with Ruth, and learn from others who were also experiencing similar challenges.

This program is really very valuable for anyone who is starting up a business. It gave me structure and resources related to all aspects of starting up. Ruth over delivers in all areas of this program, and I highly recommend it!

Kelly Campino Bradford | Career Coach

I joined this programme to build on my business and get a clearer idea about which direction I wanted to go.
I have been able to dig deeper about the how best I can serve my clients and also manage my time more effectively. I am working on my website structure and leads with greater clarity and understanding.

I have loved the range of topics covered as they are all important in working together to create a strong business foundation.

Ruth is very down to earth and real and this allows you to open up to the work of being authentic which is crucial in your business development. She is a strong coach and the group calls are very beneficial in getting to core issues and accountability. The weekly modules are also well laid out and structured, making them easy to follow but also challenging, in the right way!

I believe this course has truly helped me run my business more efficiently so that I can serve my clients in the best way possible, so I would recommend this to anyone wanting to establish or build on their small business, as you will get results.

Penelope Blissenden | Healer & Life Coach

I have been promising myself for years that I would quit the salaried day job and go it alone as a freelancer, but never had the confidence to take the plunge. I came across Ruth's 'Employer to Entrepreneur' programme via a local mums' Facebook group. It took one one-to-one discovery call with Ruth and two group coaching calls for my confidence to go through the roof, so much so that I handed my notice in. Now 9 weeks into the programme and my business is really taking shape, thanks to the practical tools and coaching Ruth has given me, and I'm confident that I'll be able to hit the ground running once I come to the end of my notice period in my current job. My confidence in making this change has also inspired my partner to reevaluate his job and he is about to start a new job down on the Kent coast, so our little family will be moving down there as my new freelance career will allow me to work much more from home. This change is so important to me personally and professionally and I would not be where I now am without Ruth. It is literally life-changing. Thank you Ruth!

Gemma Skyes | Consultant

The Group programme provided me with invaluable tools and techniques to enable me to embark on upscaling my existing consultancy practice. Ruth is unwavering in her support and belief in each individual participant and encourages ongoing self-reflection to challenge any negative mindsets that may hinder success in business. Ruth is warm and down to earth, supportive yet challenging when appropriate and happy to share her own experience and journey. The group network meant that we were able to learn from each other and share our experiences and challenges. The programme has enabled me to be accountable and take tangible steps on the journey to entrepreneurship and for that, I am very grateful - Thank you, Ruth!

Nicola | Consultant

This programme has converted me to coaching. When I first spoke with Ruth I was just starting to set up my business and was rather at sea, not really knowing what I needed to do. I was very sceptical and not at all convinced that coaching would help me. I came at it with an "it can't hurt to have a chat" mindset. So, we had the chat and within minutes I liked and trusted Ruth and was sure she and her programme could help! And I was right. I have gone from a theoretical business to one with clients. Ruth has helped me grow in self-belief and to navigate my way through a variety of blocks. She's asked pertinent - and often challenging - questions, made suggestions about what might help me find my way. I'm really not looking forward to the end of the programme as I have come to rely on Ruth and the lovely, safe and supportive community this programme has created.

Penny Baker | VA

I joined the EE group programme as I was looking for a tribe of women in the same position as myself, starting/growing their businesses plus the motivation to get things moving as at the time I was at the start of my entrepreneur journey. I got all that and more! The group calls have been so useful to help with the specific challenges or questions I was up against each week and I learnt so much from Ruth as well as the other women in my tribe. I have connected with useful suppliers and got great advice, built my confidence, been motivated to keep taking action each week and I am so happy with what I have achieved after 3 months. My business is up and running, I have exceeded my objectives for the number of clients I am working with, I am clear and confident about the strategy for my business over the coming months. Most of all I believe in myself, my business and I’m so excited for the future of it! If you’re debating whether to sign up I would say DO IT! You will not regret the investment because the value you get from the programme is priceless!

Helen Workman | Empowering Women Coaching




Every week you get a live group coaching call with me. In these calls, we will cover the key learnings from the modules and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions and be laser coached by me.

Coaching is transformational and will help move you and your business to the next level.

Can’t make the calls live – no problem! They are recorded and you will be sent the link to listen to them. Previous clients have said the replays give them lots of value.

You can also share specific questions in the private Facebook group.




This is just for the women in the group and it is a chance to ask any questions, celebrate success, create accountability and network. The social support aspect of this program will help you accelerate your success.




Every week you will receive a workbook and video recording to work through at your own pace. These modules have been created alongside industry experts to provide you with everything that you need to get your business up and running.




At the end of the program, you get a one-day training event at a central London location with a celebratory reception. This will help you up-level your business and your mindset and make connections offline.


WEEK 1: Your vision, goals & 90 day plan

WEEK 2: Your mindset, beliefs and confidence

WEEK 3: Your money mindset & understanding your numbers

WEEK 4: Productivity, time management and success

WEEK 5: Your business idea, business plan and business model

WEEK 6: Client attraction: Your ideal client & marketing strategy

WEEK 7: Client attraction: Your brand & website

WEEK 8: Client attraction: How to attract consistent leads to your business - online

WEEK 9: Client attraction: How to attract consistent leads to your business - offline

WEEK 10: Client conversion: How to convert leads into paying clients

WEEK 11: Delivery: Creating programs that deliver value

WEEK 12: Scaling your business & how you want to grow


MODULE 1: Digital marketing and Facebook advertising with Christian Kudzi

MODULE 2: Coaching Skills: Developing your coaching style

MODULE 3: Coaching Skills: Using discovery calls to convert clients





The program starts in February 2019, to sign up to the wait list email




There are a variety of payment plans available, all which incur some interest.




Yes, lots of my clients aren’t coaches – they are consultants, trainers, writers, designers, teachers, instructors and coaches. This program is designed for anyone who is in a service based industry.




Ruth is a qualified coach who has over a decade of experience teaching and mentoring people to start new businesses, she understands what works and what doesn’t. She combines this with a knowledge and passion for Psychology (she has a MA) and the results from working with 100s of women. This program isn’t about teaching you the one way it is about finding your authentic way.




You have lifetime access to the units and calls PLUS you are in the alumni Facebook group for life and can continue to access calls. 




The clients that have shown up every week and done the work have got exceptional results – earning back the value of the course easily.

Ruth Kudzi is a qualified Business & Mindset coach who has a multi-six figure business working as a coach focusing on service-based industries.
She combines her background and knowledge of Psychology, Business, Leadership, Education and Recruitment with a passion for coaching and teaching women to build authentic businesses.