Why would you pay for a coach?

In an unregulated industry anyone can be a coach, in this blog I explore how to choose the right coach and the benefits that coaching can give you. 

Ruth Kudzi23

Researching this article I came across this post in a Facebook group (slightly altered to remain anonymous) 

” I am curious about your coaching businesses… I have thought about having a coach and would like to get clarity on some of these questions: What are your professional qualifications? and How can you justify your prices? 

I thought this was a great place to start.

I will be honest coaching is expensive, especially if you are working with a qualified coach who has experience and who can get you the results then it is worth it but how do you know if it is for you?

I have been doing heaps of market research recently and lots of them were unsure what coaching was. 

As the industry grows and stories of glamorous lifestyles, yachts and personal chefs circulate it is not surprising that people want a slice of the pie and set themselves up as a coach with little experience or training.

In a way coaching has become a victim of its own success. 

To call yourself a coach you don't need to have done any training, you don't need to belong to a professional body and you aren't regulated.

When you are considering a coach think about what is important to you – I would recommend the checklist to include

1) Qualifications & accreditation – what training has your coach done? what CPD do they still do? are they accredited by one of the big coaching organisations like the ICF or AC?

2) Professional experience – this is their experience prior to becoming a coach. Have they had success in their career before?

3) Results – what results do they get their clients? Are there lots of testimonials on their site? Would they let you speak to clients?

4) Rapport – how do you get on with them? Do you trust them and will they be invested in you? 

5) Do they invest in a. coach? This is key – if someone truly believes in the transformational effects of coaching they will have their own coach. If they don't I would ask questions (especially if they have their own business)

So when you have found someone that ticks all the boxes what are the results that you will get?

Coaching is fundamentally about asking the right questions to help people gain clarity over their thoughts, formulate actions and make progress towards their goals.

It isn't mentoring but many coaches do mentor and it isn't counselling but often coaches delve into their clients past to help make sense of the present.

These are the benefits that you would get from working with me:

1) Clarity 

My clients overwhelmingly say that coaching brings them clarity. It allows them to make sense of what they have in their head and helps them work out what they want.

2) Confidence 

Coaching can help you build and develop your confidence, uncover limiting beliefs and tackle obstacles. 

3) Strategy 

Coaching can help you develop your strategy moving forward especially if you invest in a business coach. I help my clients with their financials, marketing, operations and strategy

4) Accountability

Coaching helps keep you accountable so that you stay on track with your goals.

My clients say having a coach is like having a boss who wants you to do well – it helps with your motivation, mindset and results.

If you are thinking about starting up your own business or have a business you want to scale I would love to connect with you. 

For the record I have a BA in Management & Psychology, a MA in Psychology, A PGCERT in Coaching, A PGCE in Business & Economics and numerous coaching qualifications including: a diploma in NLP, a diploma in small business coaching and a diploma in personal performance coaching. I am currently studying for a Doctorate in Coaching and have worked with many different coaches. 

I am a member of the ICF and ICF accredited. 

I have over 20 years experience coaching in my previous careers and have been teaching people to run successful businesses and coaching leaders for 15 years. I have had two careers pre-coaching and was successful in both rising to leadership positions rapidly.

I have heaps of client testimonials and am open to anyone speaking to my clients to ask about me. 

I always invest in a coach and a coaching supervisor. 



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