Why is self-care so important?

If you don't take care of yourself as a business owner you risk burnout and you won't be happy or successful. Think about what you can do every single day for you. 


As a mum we can often put ourselves and our well-being right at the bottom of the pile, if we own a business it might not even make the list. 

I  speak to so many clients who come to me on the edge of burnout, they are trying to be supermum by working 50, 60 hour weeks, running their households and looking after their kids. When I ask them about what they do for themselves the answer is often nothing.

Are they happy? no way. They are going through the motions doing what they “think” they should be but they have lost focus on what is important.

Self-care sounds a bit old fashioned and it is the sort of thing so many people screw up their noses about. Many women I know who have new businesses say that they will focus on self-care when they have hit the 5 figure months or have a certain amount of people on their team. The thing is if you don't do it now when you get to where you want it will feel empty.

When I first started my business I was pregnant, working full time and had a toddler. I was stressed out and I was knackered. I was motivated by the fact I wanted to have a successful business but I didn't think about the rest.

I think I had about 3 days off for the birth of my second baby. I felt that I needed to keep going to build momentum and to develop my business so I wouldn't have to return to my full time job at the end of maternity leave. 

I remember launching my first opt in which was a confidence course. I got to the stage where I was crying because I had put so much pressure on myself to show up and be a success I wasn't looking after myself. 

I realised there was no point having a business, however successful if I didn't look after myself and I didn't value myself. I took a step back and I started to work on myself. I gave myself time for exercise, meditation and general self care and my energy and business grew.

Recently, I was feeling in a bit of a rut. I was getting clients but I wasn't feeling great. I spoke to my coach and I realised that I wasn't practicing what I preached. Yes, I was doing the exercise, the diet and the meditation but lots of the other self-care things just weren't happening.

I went back to basics. I have started to wear dresses every single day and put make up on, I do my hair, I say my affirmations. These are not huge but they make a difference to my mindset. 

I make sure that self-care has a place in my schedule every single day. This isn't always easy but it means that I am saying to myself that I deserve that time and showing that I value myself. I think this is an amazing thing to teach our children – that they are worthy and if you are in the business of self development like me a lesson and example to your clients.

Think about what self care means to you and how you can feel better about yourself and feel that you are looking after yourself. It transforms your mindset, your confidence and your life

Ruth xx

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