What is the universe trying to tell you?

Ruth Kudzi30

The way that we react to others and to events tells us more about ourselves than anything else. Often we project our thoughts and feelings (fear, frustration, anger, disappointment) onto others. 

For most of my adult life I have studied Psychology and I have a passion for self development and self improvement. The more I have studied and found out about myself (and there were some pretty brutal truths I had to face) the more I have learnt to see the lesson in everything.

Earlier this week I received an email and the content riled me, the reason it did is because the author was pointing out something that I had been feeling for a long time. She made me look at a part of my business I wasn't sure about and has given me the push to do something I have been thinking about for a while.

The exchange wasn't positive at the beginning but it grew to be, I am so grateful for this woman taking time to send me the first message as it was the universes way of affirming what I had been pondering for a long time. 

Similarly I know that when my energy isn't aligned with what I want to do, when I don't get back to people I will get that same energy back. I value honesty and integrity and I make sure that this is how I act, it means I attract others with the same values.

I have had to do a lot of work on money mindset as I know I used to feel that my service wasn't worth it. Since spending time working on this and realising the amount of value I do provide for my clients I am attracting clients who appreciate the value that I give. I now rarely have the conversations about money because they are aligned with what I offer and how I can help them. Previously this was a stumbling block and it is because I was attracting a mirror of myself!

When something happens instead of reacting think about what you can learn and what it says about you. 

I know that sometimes this mindset is tested, when my dad died of liver failure due to his lifelong battle with alcohol I found it hard to see the lesson. When close friends have suffered tragedies which I will never publicly detail it is hard to see past the immediate. However, on the whole this mindset has served me well (and even within the most horrendous events I have found some light. 

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