Why saying No might save your business

Ruth Kudzi7

The last few months I have realised something about myself, I have been too much of a YES person and it has affected my business and my energy levels.

In my coaching session yesterday my coach challenged me, “what if you said No to that”, it got me thinking professionally and personally I have a tendency to overcommit myself and when I then turn things down I feel guilty.

Balancing being a mum, an entrepreneur, studying and planning a wedding means my time is precious. Part of my personality is that I love helping people so when someone asks me to look over a business idea or meet for a coffee my response is always a YES. 

I hate to feel that I let people down but I end up doing just that in my personal life and professionally I often take on too much.

I am enrolled in some training with Selena Soo, a branding and influence coach. She presents evidence that shows the people that are most successful in their careers are those that are givers, however those that are least successful are also givers.

The distinctive is the type of giver that you are. If you give indiscriminately and say yes to everyone and everything you fall into the least successful group.

If you give but do so selectively and think about situations that are more personally fulfilling and where there are synergies between the work that they do you will be more successful. 

So 2017 is going to be the year of no. When people ask me to do collaborations or help them wth business ideas I am going to think about how it aligns with my business. I am going to be selfish about my success and in this I am going to deliver better value to my clients and to the people I do give my time to.

The people that you choose to spend time with in a business and social environment have a huge influence on your mindset and your energy so I am think about who I give my time to. 

My passion is to help as many mums as possible create their dream businesses whilst having their desired work / life balance. I know I can't deliver on this if I continue saying yes to everything. 

I am looking ahead to some exciting collaborations this year working with other coaches who work with mums, wellness specialists and social media experts. I have found these other women (and mums) via social media and have built relationships with them that have endured offline. 




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