How does life coaching benefit mums?

September 2, 2016

Since setting up my own business I have had a few queries – why did you choose to work with mums? My answer, since becoming a mum I know how beneficial coaching can be and see a massive need for it amongst my friendship and peer group. Rather than me banging on about myself I have interviewed a mum who talks about her experience of coaching.

Q1. What made you sign up for coaching?

I went to a launch party of a coach at a local pub (tbh free prosecco was my initial draw!) and she was getting lots of small businesses together for a launch / networking event – we all signed our name and business on a piece of paper and she then raffled off various prizes donated by the businesses. I won a 10 week coaching program – I was one of her Guinea pigs as part of her training – I thought a clever way to market it. I was thinking of some career advice as I was stuck in a rut of knowing I wanted to do something, knowing that I wanted to use my mind but not really wanting to leave the children in childcare all week. So I felt frustrated. I then started on it and the rest is history…

Q2. How did you feel about it at the start?

I was apprehensive and not really that convinced – I thought it may be a bit wishy washy. It did feel quite indulgent as lots of talking about me. I enjoyed the soul searching but was not convinced it would get to a solution.. I was wrong! 

Q3. What did you hope to gain from the experience?

I hoped for the answers to what I should aim for -I wanted a kind of 5-10 year plan which I got! She was quite blunt at times which was brilliant as for example I might say half way through – do you know what I think I do want to go back to the city and get a nanny and she say – No you don't, nothing you have said in any exercise suggests this for you – what makes you say that? And I may say something like “Well, I love London and fancy seeing my friends after work” she would say “What's stopping you seeing them now?” etc etc. 

I am by nature indecisive and get tempted by things easily so she really kept going back to all the notes from the beginning when we looked at what my ultimate goals are – my purpose for living. 

Q4. What did you gain from the experience?

I got a clear vision of what I wanted from my life. Sounds cheesy but we did some visitations – some were okay but one was amazing – it was a real eureka moment and I could have cried. It was visualising my 90th birthday and having a party with family and friends. And the family around – ignoring the reality that some of them would be dead.. and I was saying what everyone was saying to me about my life and impact I had had. In my vision of the “perfect me” they were saying things like “we've so loved coming and having fun at your house at family does” and ” you've had a great career in London but then worked and had own business doing xyz and raised lovely children etc etc”

Q5. What did you find the most challenging?

I found fitting time to do it in the hardest! Also fitting in the homework but I loved it and threw myself int it. I had to pay for babysitters when I went so I had invested into it even though not paying for the actual coaching. 

Q6. How would you describe coaching to a friend?

I would describe it as investing in your mind & wellbeing. You feel “light” afterwards as you learn so much about yourself. Not just from a work point of view but form a personal view of understanding myself. It was a vital part of my life and had a massive influence on my wellbeing – it stopped sleepless nights stressing about what I am doing with my life etc. 

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