Why I have stopped doing what I suck at…

September 28, 2016

As an entrepreneur and a one man band I used to think that I had to do everything myself. So determined to succeed I set out to create my ideal business on my own. This was probably the biggest mistake when I started my own business and if I hadn't changed my mindset I would have completed burnt out. 

I was determined that I was going to learn to code and develop my own website as this would be much more cost effective than if I paid someone. I went a one day course, this was meant to be an introduction to coding and how to set up a website. I managed to delete all my work. This still didn't put me off (for some reason I was exceptionally confident when it came to my technical skills) and I spent weeks making my website. I have since spent hours changing things on it. I asked my friends for feedback and they said it was great, well done etc..

I then looked at it again and started to get some feedback from clients and peers, lets just say they weren't as nice as my friends! First of all I took it to heart and tried to redesign it to make it better. I then realised that all the time I was spending on this bloody website I could be spending building my business, speaking to clients, studying more or with my kids. 

If our time is precious why do we spend time on things which we basically suck at ? I reflected on a lot of this with my business coach and realised that I have a fear of delegating as I don't believe that other people will do as good a job as me. It is all about control and I remember feeling like this when I first started managing people – I did everything for my team rather than show them how to do it, after about 6 months I realised I was working stupid hours and they were all disengaged and I learnt to delegate. In my own business it seemed that fear had crept back in.

What I decided to is write down all the things that I do every week for my business and home and outsource those that take up a lot of my time, I don't enjoy or I am rubbish at. I haven't quite got to the point where I can outsource washing my 2 year olds hair (although if anyone wants to come and help me with it they are more than welcome – it is currently a two man military operation which results in such a racket that my poor neighbour must be wondering what we are dong) but I have managed to streamline what I do.

So, now I have outsourced my web design (watch this space), my admin, my finances and have got some more hours from my cleaner so she can do some ironing (so decadent but as it takes me about 30 minutes to iron anything it clearly is not a good use of my time). I am looking to outsource and get help in other areas of my business as well so I can focus on what I am good at and what I enjoy which is speaking to clients and helping them to achieve their goals. When I think about this I wish I had realised this months ago as it would have stopped lots of work and heart ache.

For those that are interested my new jazzed up, professional website with much better photos, content, navigation and the rest is going live in about a month. I hope you all like it

Ruth x

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