Why I want to help other mums

September 25, 2016

Some people are skeptical when they hear me say that I do my job because I want to help people. It is one of the oldest and cheesiest explanations in the book when you ask people's motivations but I can assure you it is genuinely true.

There was a long time when I never thought I would be a mum, I didn't have the best track record when it came to relationships (read slight disaster zone) and I certainly wasn't getting any younger (my hairdresser would attest to this with the increasing frequency of my colouring sessions as the grey became more prolific). Until I became pregnant only a handful of my friends had children and although I listened to their struggles about their children and their careers I didn't really understand it. I didn't really get why my friend found returning to work so hard.

Then motherhood hit, for me it all happened in a whirlwind – I met and fell in love with my other half very quickly and before I knew it we were living together and I was pregnant with my first daughter. Sometimes you just know!

Approaching motherhood I was over the moon and I excitingly purchased the entirety of the John Lewis baby department in anticipation. I felt the normal range of emotions having had my daughter – adoration, happiness, exhaustion, frustration, loss of confidence and many more. Like all mums I love being a mum but don't want to be just a mum. I felt I had lost my identity – people didn't even bother to remember my name anymore and I was just somebodies mum. This was amplified by the fact that I wasn't working and my job, which has always been a huge part of my identity, wasn't there to provide it.

When I spoke to my friends and NCT friends I found out I wasn't the only one, the majority of us felt slightly in limbo between our old selves and our new selves. So many of my brilliant friends had started to question whether they could do what they really wanted to do, they were willing to sacrifice everything for their children. I completely understand that your children are now your priority but I don't believe they have to be your whole life. There is evidence that if you are happy and fulfilled your children will be happier as well. 

In setting up my business I achieved my dream and what I wanted to do. Part of my driver was to help other mums in the same position as me realise their potential and do what they really want to do. It is all about empowering mums to believe they can do it. We all have different dreams and aspirations and my dream is to help as many mums as I can to achieve what they want to achieve. I suppose I get some of my worth and identity from helping others and thats what drives me. 

I hope lots of you mummies will be attending my free masterclass this week and I can inspire some of you to take that first step into starting their own business too. 

Ruth x

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