Interview with Career Change Mum – Camilla, Keeping your cool parenting

This week I interviewed Camilla for Keeping your cool parenting, she gives some valuable advise to other mums who are thinking about starting up their own business.

Camilla's program is fantastic and I recommend you to check out her site for

1)     What gave you the idea to start up your business? 

I have to credit my children for this. They are the reason I decided to become a Parenting Coach. Being a mother is hard work and I realised how easy it was to get stuck in a negative parenting cycle. I understood how parenting could easily become stressful rather than pleasurable.

My two children are so different. My son is laid back and easy going, however he can be very stubborn and my daughter is highly sensitive and demanding of my time. She used to go from 0 to 100 in seconds! It really became a battle of wills. I knew that something had to change. I knew there had to be a better way. So I started reading and studying and over a very small period of time I was able to completely change the relationship that I had with my children for the better.

Once again it was a joy to be a parent. I had kids who listened to me the first time and I gained willing cooperation without punishments or threats. This way of parenting has enabled me build a harmonious relationship with my children.

It is now a passion of mine to teach parents, teachers and anyone who works with children. It is my aim to teach that by using precise parenting skills, there is better way and to finally stop the naughty step and punishments because they just don’t work. Just stop with the punishments!

Parenting has changed so much since the days of our parents. We now know what it takes to make a child not only survive but really thrive. We actually have the brain science and behavioural science to back this up. We know better and I know that parents want the best for their children.

Unfortunately there is so much dated advice out there. Therefore it can feel quite overwhelming for parents to know how to make the shift to becoming a more conscious parent.

I really love helping and supporting parents on their parenting journey and I endeavour to make sure they get on the right path and to remain happier and more conscious with their parenting.

2) What did you do to prepare to start up your business?

I trained as a parenting coach and facilitator and I keep up to date with the latest research so that I can best support my clients. I really think my clients love the fact that I have been through the transformation myself, that I have children and that I used to be that shouty mum. I can relate fully during their journey and I know that they like that.

3) Which aspects of your business did you need help with? Where did you get that help?

I needed help with my website and Facebook page. I have a fantastic web designer. Marketing my company is an ongoing learning curve, it still is one of my least favourite tasks! My sister Sophie came up with the name of the company. I love it. It says exactly what it does. Keeping Your Cool.

4) Describe what your business does and who you target it at / your ideal client

I coach parents to stop the shouting, end the power struggles and punishments and build a closer more rewarding relationship with their children.

My business Keeping Your Cool Parenting supports parents on their parenting journey, I give parents the road map to go from stressed out, shouting and chaos to a more peaceful, harmonious family life

My clients are not bad parents, quite the opposite. They want the best for their children but have got slightly lost on they parenting journey.

 Many of my clients are working parents who don’t have the time to read all the parenting books out there or who get overwhelmed with the amount of information on the internet or who cannot afford to spend a huge amount of time like I did taking courses and learning or studying parenting techniques.

I host group sessions as well as private sessions

5) What is the most rewarding thing about having your own business?

The most rewarding thing is hearing back from my clients, weeks or months after I have worked with them, hearing their success stories. It gives me such joy to know that they are on a better path and that they know where they are heading with their family.

I had one client email me from holiday recently Just to say thank you as it was the first time they had a wonderful family holiday with no stress mainly because their children were so well behaved throughout their time away.

One dad told me that after coming on my course, that he found the communication skills he had learnt not only helped him at home but at work too.

I am so passionate about helping parents be the best they can be. I feel honoured to have been instrumental in facilitating the transformation of their child parent relationship.

6) What has been the biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge has been getting the message out there, telling parents about what I do and breaking through the stigma of going to a parenting class. Parenting classes are so important if we don’t want to parent on auto pilot and if we don't want to be stuck in old fashioned ways that clearly do not work in this day and age.

It took me quite a long time before I began to attract those I wanted to help. Now I am well on my way and I have found that the best way of promotion is word of mouth. Parents who come to me for help, once they have seen for themselves how good my courses are, recommend me to their friends.

7) If you could go back and give yourself some advise what would it be?

Keep going, When you hit setbacks, just brush yourself off and start again. When you have a passion and you know that you can make such a difference in someone’s life, you have to find a way to make it work. This is what I am doing.

 Thank you to Camilla for this interview, if you want to find out more about her business check out her website at

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